dimanche 22 juin 2014

Donville is the shit. My portfolio says so.

If you're from outside Quebec, you probably couldn't read the first post from this blog. Too bad for you my friend. But it was just a presentation. Now, here's the real beginning of the story.

Jason Donville is the shit. He made me wealthier and aware of some great companies that I'd never heard of.  For at least a year, I've been pretty excited about all of his appearances at BNN. I always watch him via the website and follow a couple of hours later the website www.stockchase.com to read what he just said (because that site gathers a lot of information about all the analysts in Canada that made a TV appearance).

So, to understand how Jason Donville has influenced me, here's my actual portfolio. You'll recognize a lot of Donville's suggestions. From what I know, more than 50% of my actual portfolio includes some of his suggestions.

Canadian Shit
Rifco: 12,7%
Constellation Software: 9,8%
Cipher Pharma: 8,9%
Valeant: 7,5%
CGI: 7,2%
Carfinco: 5,8%
Alimentation Couche-Tard: 5%
Loyalist Group: 3,1%
Macro Enterprises: 2%
NTG Clarity Network: 1,9%

American shit
Questcor Pharma: 7,1%
Portfolio Recovery and Associates: 6%
Dollar Tree: 3,3%
Ross Stores: 2,1%

CASH: 17,6%

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