mardi 1 juillet 2014

Top picks from 2009 to today (Part III: 2012)

Today, we'll take a look at Jason Donville's Top Picks of 2012.

Once again, every Top Pick for which the price has rised from 100% at least gets a rating of "good". Every Top Pick for which the price has rised between 0 and 100% gets a rating of "average". And finally, every Top Pick for which the price has declined gets a rating of "bad".

The Standard and Poors (S&P) index has been up 56% since January 1st 2012. That's why it's still required to get a 100% yield to get "good". 

Precision: Some companies could go private or be bought a little after Jason made his picks. I don't consider anything else than the price at the time when the Top Pick was made and the last price recorded for the shares. Only the result in appreciation is considered.


Paladin Labs: UP 230% (GOOD)
Carfinco: UP 23% (AVERAGE)
Constellation Software: UP 233% (GOOD)


Carfinco: UP 15% (AVERAGE)
Constellation Software: UP 193% (GOOD)
Total Energy Services: UP 25% (AVERAGE)


CGI Group: UP 74% (AVERAGE)
Jean Coutu: UP 55% (AVERAGE)
Paladin: UP 236% (GOOD)


Directcash Payments: DOWN 35% (BAD)
Jean Coutu: UP 50% (AVERAGE)
Paladin Labs: UP 208% (GOOD)


Badger Daylighting: UP 272% (GOOD)
Directcash Payments: DOWN 37% (BAD)
Softchoice corp: UP 70% (AVERAGE)


Badger Daylighting: UP 273% (GOOD)
Enghouse Systems: UP 134% (GOOD)
High Liner Food: UP 79% (GOOD)

A few stats about those 6 appearances on the TV:

1/6, Donville has had 3 good top picks
2/6, Donville has had one bad top pick
2/6, Donville has had 2 or 3 good top picks
6/6, Donville has had at least one good top pick

If we attribute a note of 10/10 for each good top pick, a note of 5/10 for each average top pick and a note of 0/10 for each bad top pick, Donville would get the global score of 125/18 which is equivalent to 6,9/10. So, his top picks for that period were "average plus".

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