vendredi 17 avril 2015

Favorite websites to select an investment idea

Somebody recently wrote a comment saying: "I don't understand why an intelligent folk like you always uses the F word".

That guy has a point. I, for myself, don't know why I always use that word. I think it's probably because I'm francophone and using strong words make me feel part of the english community.

I can see why your cunt is full of shit because of my abusive use of the F word. So, for once, i'll make a big effort and I promise that not any line in this post will include this horrible word.

Today, I've decided to write about the websites that are the most useful for me. I generally get my investment ideas on those sites and I compare the recommandations with what is written on some other sites.

Best place to get easily the recent ROE, the ROE for the last 5 years, the EPS growth of your favorite company, the payout ratio and the predictions of the analysts following your titles.

The best website to get a lot of information about what has been said about investment ideas in english canada. That's where you'll find almost all what Jason Donville has said about his top picks over the years. That's where you'll find some good other advices too but generally speaking, there's a lot of crappy analysts that don't deserve a lot of attention. But, that's where I've got the idea for Nobilis Health lately and it's not Jason Donville who suggested it as a top pick...

Dataroma is a great website that details all the portfolio of the greatest investors in the world (mostly americans). Using that website, you'll can see what is the composition of the portfolio of Warren Buffet and many others. You'll also see all the latest insider transactions which could help you with the momentum around one of your titles. It helped me a few times (ans not so long ago with Valeant).

A cheap equivalent to dataroma. Well, a very cheap equivalent because the website looks like it's 2002, But you'll find all the latest insiders transactions for canadian stocks which could help you with the momentum around one of your titles. It helped me a few times.

Seekingalpha is a classic in the investment community. You'll mostly find analysis about american stocks there, and generally, large caps. But the community is very active and dynamic, so for each article about one of your favorite title, you'll see a lot of commentaries. Some of those are good and may guide you towards an investment decision. But a lot of dickheads write articles about stocks which they recently bought and try to pump their shares. Be cautious.

Speaking about sand in the vagina, the guy behind this website may have a few grains of sand in his reproductive engine because of me but his website is, in my opinion, the best place in Quebec to share ideas with other investors. I've found some ideas there too. And some people using that site share the same philosophy as me.

I also use that website once in a while. Less and less since a couple of years however. I don't think they're so great at anticipating a stock performance. But their analysis are very concise and consistent. So, in only a page (which is full of details), you'll get a great analysis. You have to pay to use that site, but if you use it via (if you're a quebecer), you can use it for free. People from other provinces may have a similar provincial advantage but I haven't made any verification.

No F word in that post. I've done it!!

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  1. Bonjour mon cher M. Penetrator! Je constate que tu fais tes devoirs et tu manges tes croutes! Thanks for posting these, there are some good ones that I was not aware of. I also use , google finance, and tdwaterhouse (many resources if you have an account, most brokerages probably offer similar stuff).

    I was just wondering if you also did much technical analysis work to decide if/when to purchase or sell. I am by no means an expert, but I have learned the hard way that paying attention to this can save a lot of money!! The trend is your friend. I usually look at basic support and resistance levels, 20, 50, 100, 200 moving averages, and relative strength index (RSI). There are many other metrics, but those are the basics I have learned from watching market call over the years.

    My new year's resolution was to be more patient when buying, and less patient when selling. Last year I bought RFC, DEE and PSD based on Donville's top picks. As we know, they all had brutal years and dropped like a ton of bricks. Normally, I would have no problem picking a spot on the chart and selling, but since Donville is so awesome I gave those stocks the benefit of the doubt. As a result, my overall returns last year suffered. My gains in CSU were matched dollar for dollar by losses in DEE (I'm out of it now). That really sucked!! No more of that. I recently sold RX after it started dropping. For better or worse, I'd rather cut my losses and put my money in one of the other fine stocks that we follow and discuss. If it goes back up, oh well.

    As far as buying, it works both ways. Following up on your suggestions the other day, I feel that NHC is a great growth company, but the stock is very overbought at the moment. RSI is around 90, and at this level it is over 50% above it's 50-day moving average. I will wait patiently for a pullback and join you on the ride. I also followed this logic and sold some (but not all) of CPH, VRX and CRH when they got super hot like that. With the exception of VRX, the other two came back down to earth closer to the trend line pretty quickly. I think taking profits is good, even if I intend to get back in for longer term. Finally, I really like AYA, but the chart is telling me to wait until an uptrend is confirmed.

    Would love to hear other points of view on research and technicals.

  2. I've never applied a technical approach. It means nothing for me. It looks like astrology to me.

    I think you shouldn't follow Donville with every top pick he recommends. Personnaly, I have never seen anything in Delphy Energy and not much in Pulse Seismic.

    Go for healthcare, not energy.

  3. Mr Donville was on BNN The Close last Friday. He was recommending CGI (GIB.A), MDA & HCG again...


  5. Thanks, for the heads up Value Man. It was a short segment, but he hadn't been on in so long. It's been a few days since my last comment, but wow did those healthcare stocks ever come back down, especially phm and nhc. I felt like a dumbass briefly when NHC went up 10% after saying it was overbought, but I'll bet those who bought it at $11 feel worse than that. I bought a few shares around $9, but obviously could have waited a couple of days... Did you guys see that they rang the bell on the NYSE last week? Hopefully more buyers of the stock now.

  6. Btw, Jason will be on BNN Market Calls Tonight this Wednesday! Good opportunity to watch him for 45 min this week... :-)