jeudi 28 juillet 2016

Portfolio review - July 28th

Many results were released lately. Let's take a look at the results related to my portfolio.

Polaris, Gilead, Apple, CGI, Constellation Software, United Therapeutics and Lithia Motors have all released their results in the last 10-15 days. They represent a very important part of my portfolio. 

Gilead and Apple had similar results: drop in earnings (problems with growth due to their huge size) but a lot of cash in hand to buy a very big company or even a country with all it's cheap labour (then reduce the minimum salary to improve the earnings of the company. Why not?)

The market didn't really appreciate Gilead's results but seemed to like Apple's. To me, they represent good investment because both companies are huge,  have a great ROE and the PE ratio is pretty low,  suggesting a low risk too. I can't sell any of those even if the market is not on my side.

CGI, Constellation Software, United Therapeutics and Lithia Motors had good or great results. The best results were those of United Therapeutics (released today). That business is under the radar of many many analysts but everybody should keep an eye on it even if the CEO is constantly selling shares (he/she's probably billionaire after selling many millions of shares). He/she probably wants to build a pyramid or a spaceship. I don't see why selling so many shares of a good business except if you plan to explore new galaxies.

As you can see below, there is now 19 stocks on my portfolio, which is a lot. Please note that I broke my bond to not go back on the venture stock exchange. I bought some Ceapro shares yesterday at around 2$. With a ROE higher than 100, a pretty small debt and a high growth rate, I thought that it was an interesting move. With about 1,2% of my portfolio on that stock, nobody could say that I'm a liar. I'm a small small small liar. Anyway, in investing, everybody is a fucking liar. I'm just part of the group.

All I need now is a nice suit and a tie. And a more serious name than Penetrator. That's the tragedy of my life: wanting to punch more than wanting to be taken seriously. 

Canada (49%)

CGI: 8,9%
Couche-Tard: 8,4%
Constellation Software: 7,3%
Hardwoods Distribution: 4,9%
Tucows: 4,8%
Knight Therapeutics: 3,9%
Linamar: 3,7%
Logistec: 3,5%
MTY: 2,4%
Ceapro: 1,2%

US (49,2%)

Gilead: 7,2%
United Therapeutics: 6,2%
Ross Stores: 6,1%
Dollar Tree: 6%
Allergan: 6%
Apple: 5,2%
Biogen: 4,5%
Polaris: 4%
Lithia Motors: 4%

Cash: 1,8%

4 commentaires:

  1. Thank you. Very nice of you to publish your portfolio. Many people charge money but you are giving away your research for free for the benefit of small investors. I thought Constellation missed the estimates (EPS 4.72 actual vs 5.7 expected) Your portfolio is promising.

  2. Great line up. I have been eyeing on many of them. Linamar has been doing great and I will probably add logistec soon as they dropped quite a bit from recent earnings report.

  3. What do you guys make of Tucows? It is reporting earnings on Monday (August 8).