mercredi 11 avril 2018

A bunch of players

Today, at the radio, I've heard a very interesting survey lead by "Victoria Milan" (an infidelity dating site).

It's about the top 10 professions of people who cheat the most on their partners. Here's the list:

10- Other sectors;
9- Communications (journalists);
8- Lawyers and judges;
7- Nighlife industry (DJ's, dancers, waiters);
6- Musicians, models, actors;
5- Athletes and instructors;
4- CEO's and managers;
3- Healthcare (doctors and nurses);
2- Aviation;
1- Brokers, bankers and analysts.

I've always assumed that Leonardo Di Caprio, Jack Nicholson, Tiger Woods and most of the public figures fucked much more women than the people of our category. Isn't it amazing? I mean, if I was a woman, the only two people in finance I'd like to be get laid by would be Robin Speziale and Jason Del Vicario, ideally, together. But apart from them, I don't see any other guy.

What's your theory about that survey? Mine is that brokers and analysts are peddlers and women like peddlers. They like bullshit. They are crazy about bullshit. 

4 commentaires:

  1. Did you guys make sure to keep some cash on hand for the specials and bargains that the stock market will be serving up Monday now that Trump has started bombing Syria?

    1. Trump bombing Syria will likely be positive for the TSE

  2. Gold mining company are still a bargain

  3. No. Last strikes resulted in 1 day return of -0.1% and a 5-day return of -0.7%. The strike was probably already priced in.
    Russians were not hit so I don't think it will lead to anything bigger. Earnings season, I hope some positive numbers change market direction!