dimanche 5 mai 2019

Another reflexion on life

I'm very to close to 40, a number that has some signification for all of us.

A few days ago, I met a doctor who told me that I was probably suffering the Crohn's disease. It's a chronic disease, so I will never recover. I'll have to take pills for the rest of my life.

It's an auto-immune disease, so my intestine attack itself. If I don't use a treatment, the cramps will be more frequent and more painful. And I have 80% of chances to have a surgery, or, if you prefer, to have some doctor removing a part of my guts, sooner or later.

Nobody dies from Crohn's disease, but we may suffer a lot. And we have more chances to get intestine cancer that normal people. So, now, I have the specter of cancer above my head. I've always had it because I'm a fatalist, but now, it materializes. And I'll probably have the unbelievable chance to have coloscopies on a frequent basis. If you have that chance, you'll love it.

It's a little shock for me. It's a life sentence, even if it's not a death sentence. I'll have to pass more tests to be sure, but given the fact that it was a gastro-enterologist who said that to me after a coloscopy, I believe that he knows what he's talking about. The guy probably enters his hose in countless asses on a monthly basis.

I don't want to talk about the disease because it's no use. I just want to say once again that it's great to save money and get a big big portfolio. It's more intelligent than to burn all our money in stupid things. But it's also a very good idea to spend money on some experiences, because life changes and your condition changes over time. Why waiting to be 75 to enjoy life? Will life be enjoyable then?

Even if your portfolio approaches 500 000$ and you're 40, you don't know how long you've still got.

Better being rich and sick than to be poor and sick, but in a case or another, money changes nothing. You may have better healthcare services, but when your body fight against itself, your portfolio has absolutely no utility. Eventually, most of us will find our body fight against itself. A portfolio is no shield against bad cells. But I have to admit that it helps you to sleep better, knowing that you can survive without your job.

Please, visit Patagonia or some concentration camps while you still can.

If you can now, do it now.

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  1. You do not pursue excellence in stock market investing only for the money. Afterall, you are down to earth and live very simply. You love the journey. It's your best trip. You love being good at something and the sense of accomplishment that comes from working smart and not hard. It is weirdly gratifying to find great businesses and invest in them and see them grow. It's not as satisfying as starting your own business and making it grow through your direct efforts (but it's way less stressful than doing it all yourself also).
    Go stare at some architecture or look at some wonders of the world. It will not give you as much pleasure as finding Constellation Software at $50 and sticking with it.

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  2. I feel for you…My brother has Crohn’s disease…he has had it for over 30 years but something that has helped him an awful lot in the last year was CBD oil (it actually turned his whole life around)…I urge you to check it out…

    On another note, I’ve always been very interested in metaphysics…A few years ago I stumbled upon the writings of Neville Goddard (you can read him for free on the net), I think you would get a lot out of it…consider the following link from youtube…


    I’m 65 now and I’ve come to believe that everything that happens to us is by our own hand (the way we think and feel about things)…Our job in this life is become more aware of ourselves and through time transcend our own behaviour…it’s not easy to do but it I believe it is well worth trying…

  3. Bon courage! la Patagonie c'est super ! Je reviens de la bas! De mémoire tu partais en nouvelle écosse pour treker! ça va faire le même effet que le Fitzroy

  4. Its very crappy that you will be shitting razor blades. I hope you keep swearing your way through it and keep your loved ones close to you. May you find comfort in living an enjoyable life while coping with the pain of an unlucky diagnosis.