vendredi 19 mars 2021

How to get richer

I've said it many times: After 40, you should think much more about your comfort and invest less money. Because if you've worked right since your 20's, you'll probably be at a place where any extra money saved from your income is useless. That's maybe the case for me now. 

That's what Jarislowsky told in his book and that's what a girl whom I've worked with before learned me indirectly via Facebook yesterday. That girl was a very hot chick 15 years ago but is now dying of multiple sclerosis. She's younger than me but she's almost blind and almost paralyzed. She lost a lot of weight too. Oh my friends, how beauty is temporary...

So, here's my advices to get richer and stop saving money at 40-45 to enjoy life a bit before your senses become affected by a disease or another. Because they will. 

1- Don't buy a house too big and too expensive. Many expenses are related to a house (taxes, electricity...). Do you want to be stressed about your payments? Do you want to spend all your free time in your house? Do you want to die before the mortgage is entirely paid? 

2- Don't buy a car if you can live without it. Of course, many people can't live without a car, but if you don't have kids and live downtown Toronto, maybe you can live without a car, which is a substantial waste of money. However, I know that many people couldn't live without a car. Me included. Anyway, if you need to own a car, don't buy a Ferrari. 

3- Shop at Costco instead of any grocery. Costco is way cheaper and the quality of food is probably better than many other groceries. However, don't buy stuff you don't need. If you buy food, eat it.

4- Buy your clothes at Winners (in Quebec) or Marshalls (TJX), or any similar apparel shop. You'll spend much less and you'll get very nice clothes. You can also buy some clothes at Costco. And, for kids, you may use Marketplace, on Facebook. Very usefeul for winter coats for instance.

5- Cheap stuff for kids such as candies should always be bought at Dollarama instead of any convenience store. Close to my home, there's a Dollarama and there's a Couche-Tard 50 meters away . If you buy Skittles at Couche-Tard, you'll pay 3$. If you buy them at Dollarama, you'll pay 1$. You won't save thousands of dollars with candies, but if you have young kids, it may be an interesting way of saving some money.

6- Bring your lunch at work (if you ever go back to work after the pandemic). Some people eat in a restaurant every day. It probably represents close to 100$ a week. That's a lot of money on an annual basis.

7- Check your telecom bill. If you pay 200$ per month, there's something wrong with you. I pay about 70$ every month for Internet (unlimited) and the phone. I don't pay for cable TV. You shouldn't pay for it too. Just plug Internet on the TV and you'll be able to watch Netflix and Youtube. All the major networks are accessible via Internet.

8- Buy used stuff as often as possible. For instance, for sport equipements. 

It's possible to apply all these advices without actually looking like a fucking hobo.

The goal is simply to eliminate every useless expense. Buy the best that's available at the cheapest price. Costco is the answer to a lot of your needs at the lesser price.

After this epuration, put your money where it's really important: on the stock market (for your security and the security of your familiy) for the education of your kids, for some comfort (stuff in the house that's useful), for travel , to go out with friends in bars and restaurants once in a while. To buy a good wine, a good wisky or some excellent canadian cannabis. 

Well, in other words, to buy something that really makes you happy on a regular basis. 

If it's a Harley Davidson, then buy it (if you plan to use it regularly). Because, don't forget: life is short and sometimes, you don't die quickly. 

Sometimes you die slowly and painfully. And during that time, you're too sick to be able to go 180 km/h on your motorbike. 

So, do it now. Buy the motorbike you've always wanted . Then go for a very quick ride on the highway, wih shorts, T-Shirt and without a helmet. It's now or never.  

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  1. Anyway, if you ride at 180 km/h, a helmet will not make a big difference.