dimanche 18 avril 2021

Quebec Inc.

There was an interesting article this weekend about "Quebec Inc.". It said that the market cap of all Quebec companies went over 500 billion dollars this last quarter.

That's quite a lot of money for my less than 9 million inhabitants province. Actually, some of the best canadian stocks are based in Quebec. Let's see the list and the performance of these stocks over the last 5 years:

1- Canadian National (market cap: 105B$): Performance last 5 years: 83%

2- BCE (Bell) (52B$) Performance last 5 years: -2%

3- Couche-Tard (45B$) Performance last 5 years: 43%

4- Banque Nationale (30B$) Performance last 5 years: 107%

5- Groupe CGI (28B$) Performance last 5 years: 75%

6- Power Corporation (23B$) Performance last 5 years: 15%

7- Dollarama (18B$) Performance last 5 years: 89%

8- Saputo (16B$) Performance last 5 years: -5%

9- Metro (15B$) Performance last 5 years: 31%

10- Bausch Health (13B$) Performance last 5 years: 10%

Of course, there are some bad businesses on that list. For instance, Bell Canada is a very very bad business for it's clients. I've been with that company and I've had tons of problems with their monthly bills. I really hate Bell and their negative performance shows that, even on the financial side, they're bad. 

I don't know that much Saputo, but I don't like the face of the father who runned the business before.Their performance sucked. What's wrong with them? Around me, people are still eating cheese, so why can't they perform better?

Bausch Health is the new name of Valeant. That company is like plague to me. I'll hate them forever, even if they change their name once again. Even if they would find a cure to COVID, I would still hate them for what they did to my portfolio. And what happened to fat Mike Pearson? Did he die of cholesterol? 

Apart from these three names, there are 5 great companies (Canadian National, Couche-Tard, CGI, Dollarama and Metro... and I'd dare to say that Banque Nationale is great too, but I don't like banks that much). These are 5 world-class stocks. Not bad at all. 

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  1. I had the top 6 performers of that top 10... I sold my DOL shares several months ago... But I'm holding ATD.b, GIB.a, NA, CNR & MRU... RCH, SIS, GUD & XBC...