jeudi 18 août 2022

Ce que les meilleur achètent

Latest so-called superinvestors transactions are out and we can see what these guys did with their billions. Of course, we only know what they legally did with their billions. Prostitution and cocaine habits are not available on a specific website to my knowledge.

Anyway, here's the investors that interest me more than others...


Oh wow, Warren Buffet bought 28 million shares of Ally Financial! Big fucking deal. That represents 0,33% of Berkshire Hathaway while Apple still represents 41%. Why do people get excited so much about a new position even if it's percentage is totally unsignificant? Because it might get significant one day? Yes, but it could also get more unsignificant. So, for the moment, Ally Financial means nothing. 

Apart from that, there's nothing that special with Berkshire for the last quarter.

After buying tons of Netflix shares a few months ago, my good friend Bill Ackman is completely out of this stock now. He probably sold these with a loss for tax reasons, just like he did after losing billions of dollars with Valeant. 

Normal human beings don't sell stocks for tax reasons but supernatural creatures like centaurs, unicorns and some superinvestors do that kind of things.

Pat Dorsey fascinates me with his very agressive portfolio focussed on a few very high-valuation stocks. He took a big hit with this year's bear market but he recently bought a lot of shares of WIX (+19%), ROKU (+110%), GOOG (+20%) and UPWK (+71%). I'm not very comfortable with these stocks except Google but it's one of the few investors who deserves to be followed, in my opinion.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (which maybe will change it's name for "The formerly known as Bill and Melinda Gates foundation") added 20% to it's current Berkshire position and reduced their Canadian National stake by 21%. Their BRK position has a value of about 9.5 billion dollars and their CN position has a value of 1.2 billion dollars. These guys have a lot of money. 

Sequoia Fund (which is now very similar to Giverny Capital for most of their positions), bought a lot of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) stocks (+87%), Netflix and Wayfair (+43% each) and Charles Schwab (+7%). They sold a lot of their Google shares (about -16%), UnitedHealth (-26%) and Elevance Health (-42%). I never noticed that Sequoia had such a big position in that stock which is unknown to me. I'll take a look at that Elevance Health stock. 

That's about it. I probably forget a few interesting investors. But they're only interesting for a few months or years. The less I write about them, the less ashamed I eventually feel for having granted them some credibility. 

2 commentaires:

  1. Checking in on what the pros are doing can be a worthwhile execise as long as the investor keeps in mind he should still familiarize himself with whatever stocks the said manager is buying (or holding)...

    As an investor I don't care for the huge mega-caps and likewise I don't like the famous pro investors either. I prefer to hang around in a less crowded neighbourhood...

    I usually check in to see what the following outfits are doing when they report their holdings every quarter...

    ARKE Capital Management
    Marathon Asset Management
    AKO Capital
    Disciplined Growth Investors
    Markel; Asset management
    Cantillon Capital Management

    And a few others but that's enough for anyone to chew on for now...
    Of course, as I always seem to be fully invested I seldom ever get a chance to take advantage of their suggestions, nevertheless the above managers can make a good starting stock screen of investing ideas...

  2. The sale of CN Rail stock is insignificant given that he owns roughly 10% of the company from his other investment firm.