samedi 30 juillet 2022

Once retired

Once retired what will you do?

There's three things I'd like to do and for which I think I would be very good:

1-Travelling all around the world with one or two small bags. Seeing the seven wonders, reaching frozen oceans in Northwest territories and in Patagonia. Reaching remote places and taking lots of pictures to help me remind these moments for the rest of my life. 

2- Planning trips all around the world for other people. I'm a champion travel hacker now. For instance, this year, I won't pay a lot of money for any of 8 plane tickets. I will also pay something like 20% of the full price for all  hotels and hostels where I'll stay.  I'd like to help people to do the same.

3- Helping people with their personal finances. Helping them to make a budget. Helping them to cut expenses, to learn to save money, to invest on the stock market.

What are the things that you have to offer to the world or to yourself, once retired? 

We're all wealthier than most people. Let's help ourselves to find hobbies for the time where we won't have to worry about money anymore.