vendredi 24 février 2023

Margin interest rate

I just saw that the interest rate on my margin was 8%! 

Who wants to borrow money and invest with a margin with such high interest? 

Given the fact that the market has an average annual performance of 9-10%, it makes absolutely no sense to use margin at this time. 

I've decided to reimburse entirely my margin. You should do the same. 

It's time to invest only the money you own. Otherwise, your chances to get poorer are high. 

jeudi 23 février 2023

MTY Food Group (MTY)

 I've been a shareholder of MTY in the past. Sold my shares. Bought back some shares. Sold them again.

I'm not a shareholder anymore. But things look good with the company except for the fact that they carry a heavy debt that represent a high percentage of the value of the company. 

Given the high interest rates, I'd stay away from a company with a large debt. But MTY has steady revenues and a wide offer for consumers. They own so much brands that it's virtually impossible that all of them go bad. They have a very solid business model. 

What are your thoughts on MTY? 

mardi 7 février 2023

I don't believe

I don't believe in god. I don't believe in Bill Ackman. I don't believe in Justin Trudeau. I don't believe in U2. I don't believe in seller's honesty. I don't believe in the good nature of human beings. I don't believe in the intelligence of human beings. I don't believe in kinoa. I don't believe in the aphrodisiac nature of parts of dead animals. I don't believe in the hidden joy of anal penetration. 

I don't believe in the concept of a "screaming buy".

Which leads me to the fact that I don't believe in excitation about stocks anymore. There's no such thing as a hidden gem or a boner stock. 

When someone's too excited about a stock, I look elsewhere because I'm not looking for excitation. I just want to get rich as quick as possible, leave my job and travel the world in a small boat made of trunks.