jeudi 23 juin 2022

Who's depressed?

I wonder if there's a lot of depressed investors at the moment? After all, the market has lost a lot of value recently and we don't know when the wind will change. Maybe when Putin will die? 

When the market is down, I see a lot of occasions while when the market is high, I see a lot of risks of it going down. Which means that I'm pretty confident about the market at the moment (in the medium or long run). 

Summer has begun and I'm on the way of more travels. That's now my main hobby: traveling and planning travels when I'm not traveling. And when I come back, I stratch my scracthing map of the world. And then, I look for other places to scracth. 

I just look to enjoy life the most I can. It's hard, but I try. 

lundi 6 juin 2022

The Netflix effect

Some people say that Netflix has lost it's mojo. I don't really know what is a mojo, but it looks special.

NFLX has lost a lot of it's value in the recent months, mostly because of the stagnation of new users and the anticipation of a loss of users in the future. 

However, have you heard about the last season of "Stranger Things"?

In a few episodes of the new season, we can hear "Running up that hill", a 1985 song by Kate Bush. Since the release of that season, that 37 years old song has been back in the charts and it's streaming is up many thousands of percent. You may say that going from 10 streamings a week to 500 streamings a week could result in such statistics. Yeah, you're right. But I think that song has always bit at least a bit popular, because it's been a hit in 1985.

Anyway, I don't want to start a debate about Kate Bush, but I think that what happened with that song shows that Netflix still has a lot of influence on society. They need new exciting content. There will be good and bad years for new content, but Netflix has penetrated a lot of countries. And what you can see on Netflix may have a significant impact around us (let's just think about "Squid Games" and the fact that some schools sent messages to parents to tell them that games in that show would be forbidden at school).

I don't know if Netflix is a buy or a sell. But one thing is sure, that's a great business. 

So, it's probably more a buy than a sell.