jeudi 23 juin 2022

Who's depressed?

I wonder if there's a lot of depressed investors at the moment? After all, the market has lost a lot of value recently and we don't know when the wind will change. Maybe when Putin will die? 

When the market is down, I see a lot of occasions while when the market is high, I see a lot of risks of it going down. Which means that I'm pretty confident about the market at the moment (in the medium or long run). 

Summer has begun and I'm on the way of more travels. That's now my main hobby: traveling and planning travels when I'm not traveling. And when I come back, I stratch my scracthing map of the world. And then, I look for other places to scracth. 

I just look to enjoy life the most I can. It's hard, but I try. 

2 commentaires:

  1. Stocks are on sale! Who's depressed?

    Some of my stocks are repurchasing shares at these prices. Let's hope that stocks stay on sale for a while to take advantage.

  2. Tu vas où la prochaine fois?