mardi 13 septembre 2022

Why paying for a firm?

If you're ignorant and want to stay ignorant about how the stock market works, just buy an index fund (Warren Buffett said that numerous times) and leave your money there. 

If you want to know how the stock market works, read a few good books, start to analyze as much stocks as you can (at least one hundred stocks), then, find the 5-10% that are the best (high margins, growth, ROE, low debt) and invest money on these 5-10% of stocks. Focus on these ones and forget the rest. If Bitcoin is up 75% over the last 6 months, remind that, when things go up quickly, they usually go down, one day or another. 

Try to resist to the idea of giving your money to some small or large firm. Because they're not very good even if they dress well. Here's two good examples: 

Performance from january 1st to august 31th 2022: 

Donville Kent: -46%

Barrage: -36%

S&P500: -18%

Barrage doing twice as bad as the market and Donville Kent doing twice and a half as bad. Do you realize that some people are paying these guys to manage their money? You're paying people that generate twice as much loses as an index that anybody could buy? If you had given 1 million dollars to Donville Kent on january 1st, you would own 540 000$ now. If you had bought a S&P500 index, you would own 820 000$ now. 

There are probably some money managers that did well or not so bad this year. But these two examples remind me that I'll never give my money to anybody. Because most firms simply suck, may they have a lot of employees with an MBA or whatever the fuck.