jeudi 16 mai 2024


It's my birthday. Today, I'm 45 years old. 

Until last year, every year, on my birthday, I used to write a post titled "Discipline" which was about the growth of my portfolio, year after year, to show how discipline and good investments can make a difference over time. 

Last year, many things changed and some unfortunate events made me much less interested in this blog. That's why I didn't write my "Discipline" post. I decided to focus on my problems and let them make me feel miserable.

But, once you condition yourself to be a bit superficial, you realize that not everything is dark and gloomy. At least, I own a very nice portfolio. 

As seen below, here's my porfolio from may 2009 to may 2024 (I started to invest on the stock market during the fall of 2008). Year after year, I saved a big part of my earnings and I bought stocks as much as I could with these savings. 

It helped my porfolio a lot. Because the numbers below show the absolute increase of my portfolio, year after year. In other words, it represents an hybrid growth: increase of the price of my shares and savings added to the portfolio. Usually, people talk only about their portfolio performance but I like to show how things can turn with a mix of discipline (savings) and investing without doing too much big mistakes.

In my case, from may 2009 to may 2024, I managed to get an annual increase of 30%, which is huge. Of course, this performance will surely tend to drop as my savings count for less and less of the total value of my portfolio.

I often wonder how long I will last as a worker or an active citizen. I don't know clearly how things would turn financially if I retired now. But I know that my portfolio is my biggest support in this life. 

I wish much more people would start to invest much earlier and don't feel prisoner of their job for most of their life.