jeudi 23 février 2023

MTY Food Group (MTY)

 I've been a shareholder of MTY in the past. Sold my shares. Bought back some shares. Sold them again.

I'm not a shareholder anymore. But things look good with the company except for the fact that they carry a heavy debt that represent a high percentage of the value of the company. 

Given the high interest rates, I'd stay away from a company with a large debt. But MTY has steady revenues and a wide offer for consumers. They own so much brands that it's virtually impossible that all of them go bad. They have a very solid business model. 

What are your thoughts on MTY? 

2 commentaires:

  1. too much reliance on debt; there are better options out there

  2. Just bought it before the ER press release and call. In the High 56's... Happy to own it...