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Top picks from 2009 to today (Part I: 2009-2010)

This blog is pretty recent and I'm already doing an investigation like if i'm fucking payed to do this. But no, my brothers, i'm not payed at all. I only do this for science and for love of the human race. Use the fruit of my research to get wealthier and die rich. That's all I'm seeking. To make you some old fucking rich people who spend their retirement days in Florida with their orange fluo skin.

Via, here are the top picks of Jason Donville from October 2009 to December 2010. Besides each choice, you'll see the rise or drop in the price of shares since Jason chose it as a Top Pick.

Every share that has doubled or more since then is a good choice. Each return in share price which is between 0 and 100% is an average choice and each choice where the price has declined is a bad choice. The dividends were not included in that study so it's a bit incomplete. But as an approximative study, it's not bad. Anyway, I'm not giving that to an University to get a PhD so give me a bad rating if you want. I don't give a fuck. I already have my degrees so any shitty analysis would have no consequences on my education path which is well behind me.

Let's see if Donville kicks ass. Don't forget that he's not compared with anyone so if the results are so-so, probably a lot of mofos who call themselves investors or analysts would get worse results.

And don't forget that the companies that he ranks as "strong buy" or "buy" aren't considered. I've retained only the "Top picks". Otherwise, it would have been a fucking huge job for me to compile everything. You know, I've got a life, even if I'm a blogger.


October 16th 2009:

Home Capital Group: UP 158% (GOOD)
First National: UP 39% (AVERAGE)
Canadian Western Bank: UP 78% (AVERAGE)

December 3 2009:

Carfinco: UP 336% (GOOD)
Pethealth: DOWN 11% (BAD)
Royal Bank: UP 30% (AVERAGE)

January 22 2010:

Genworth: UP 49% (AVERAGE)
Home Capital Group: UP 145% (GOOD)
Manulife Financial: UP 8% (AVERAGE)

February 24 2010:

Constellation Software: UP 525% (GOOD AS FUCK)
Total Energy Services: UP 149% (GOOD)
MTY Food Group: UP 218% (GOOD)

March 23 2010:

Paladin Labs: UP 511% (GOOD AS FUCK)
Imperial Metals: UP 94% (AVERAGE)
Altus Group: UP 84% (AVERAGE)

May 14 2010:

Logibec Groupe informatique: UP 16% (AVERAGE)
Directcash Payments: DOWN 9% (BAD)
Constellation Software: UP 490% (GOOD AS FUCK)

June 29 2010:

Paladin Labs: UP 511% (GOOD AS FUCK)
Home Capital Group: UP 128% (GOOD)
Critical Control Solutions: DOWN 24% (BAD)

August 6th 2010:

Paladin Labs: UP 421% (GOOD AS FUCK)
Carfinco: UP 83% (AVERAGE)
Critical Control Solutions: DOWN 39% (BAD)

August 30 2010:

Constellation Software: UP 501% (GOOD AS FUCK)
Home Capital Group: UP 122% (GOOD)
Directcash Payments DOWN 19% (BAD)

October 4 2010:

Canadian Energy, Services and Technology: UP 458% (GOOD AS FUCK)
MTY Food Group: UP 136% (GOOD)
Altus Group: UP 64% (AVERAGE)

December 6 2010:

Glentel: DOWN 7% (BAD)
Canyon Services Group: UP 60% (AVERAGE)
MTY Food Group: UP 120% (GOOD)

A few stats about those 11 appearances on the TV:

0/11, Donville has had 2 or 3 bad top picks
1/11, Donville has had 3 good top picks
4/11, Donville has had 2 or 3 good top picks
6/11, Donville has had 1 bad top pick
11/11, Donville has had at least one good top pick

If we attribute a note of 10/10 for each good top pick, a note of 5/10 for each average top pick and a note of 0/10 for each bad top pick, Donville would get the global score of 215/33 which is equivalent to 6,5/10. So, his top picks are usually between average and good. Something like "average plus".

It's not perfect, but some of his choices were so good that they could absorb any mistake and make a great global result.

We'll discuss more about that soon.

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