mardi 16 juin 2015

The strange case of Precision Castparts (PCP)

Recently, I've been a shareholder of Precision Castparts, this big company (29B$) which is a manufacturer of metal components for various industries (most notably aeronautics).

After a few months, I sold my shares (before the big drop of price in january after the disapointing earnings). I simply couldn't see what was so good about this company. I should have done it before buying you may tell me. Stupid fucker you may add.

Yeah, you're right. I still act like a stupid fucker sometimes (less and less as years go by, however).

But it's a superinvestor darling stock, so I guess, I acted like a stupid lemming, following the group (to the cliff).

In fact, Precision Castparts is not a bad company, but I don't think it's a superb company either. It's a medium company. Look at these metrics for yourself:

Actual PE ratio: 19,7
Actual ROE: 14
Average ROE last 5 years: 15,5
EPS 5 years growth rate: 11% per year
Dividend yield: A very funny 0,06%
Payout ratio: A ridiculous 1%

And recently, via www.dataroma, I've seen that a lot of superinvestors have been buyers of the stock:
  • Lou Simpson (very big buyer because the stock went from 0% of his portfolio to 9,75% in the last quarter);
  • Robert Goldfarb (Sequoia Fund);
  • Wallace Weitz (don't know who the fuck this is);
  • Daniel Leob (don't give a fuck about him too);
  • Warren Buffett (prostate cancer but still able to invest better than many healthy prostates out there)
What the fuck do those people see in this company? I could name you at least 50 companies that seem more attractive to me than PCP.

Fuck all those superinvestors!

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