jeudi 23 juillet 2015

Portfolio review - july 23th 2015

The Penetrator Portfolio is up about 20% this year, which is pretty good given the fact that the performance of the S&P/TSX has been flat so far.

What are the big winners of my portfolio since the beginning of the year? Let's see:

Nobilis Health is up 143% (precision: I didn't have shares of NHC at the beginning of the year).
Concordia Healthcare is up 120%.
Valeant is up 88%.
Constellation Software is up 65%.

The other stocks didn't do bad (except for Home Capital Group and Callidus Capital) but they didn't achieve such a spectacular performance.

On this day, Valeant released excellent results. The stock has been up about 6% today and it may continue to go up in the next few weeks. Given the rate of acquisitions and the gift Michael Pearson has for integration, I'm pretty sure that Valeant will be a 400$ stock at the end of the year (330$ today).

The next days will bring us a lot of results and the picture of my portfolio may change a lot.

Ok now, here's my portfolio.

Canadian stocks:

Valeant (healthcare): 14,7%
Constellation Software (information services): 9,8%
CGI Group (consulting services): 7%
Couche-Tard (convenience stores): 6,7%
Concordia Healthcare (healthcare): 5,7%
Cipher Pharma (healthcare): 4,4%
Nobilis Health (healthcare): 4%
Home Capital Group (financial services): 3,2%
Knight Therapeutics (healthcare): 2,7%
Callidus Capital (financial services): 2%

US stocks:

Mallinckrodt (healthcare): 9%
Portfolio recovery and associates (financial services): 8%
Gilead (healthcare): 7,9%
Dollar Tree (1$ stores): 4%
Ross Stores (cheap clothes): 3,6%
Dorman Products (auto parts): 2,6%

Cash: 4,8%

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  1. We have similar portfolios, additional US stocks to look at are AVGO, EA and BOFI. CCL.B is also a steady TSX equity.

  2. Ca ressemble au mien sufque tu es pas tres deversifie... Ajoute des Industrials et Discredionary (Stantec, MTY, etc). Donville est le king. Si Donvill et Feguson de Mawer ont le meme stock c'est un mechant bon debut de Due Diligence.

    Pourquoi Dollar Tree quand on a Dollarama avec Rossy un des meilleur CEO.
    Home Cap se fait torcher mais je le garder, la baisse est exagere.

    Dude, tes post sont vraiment interessants et tu connais ton affiare du point de vue financier, mais tu tues ton follow-up avec ton language d'ado...

  3. Je suis pas sûr de saisir ton commentaire en entier mais je vais répondre a ce que je comprends:

    Pourquoi Dollar Tree au lieu de Dollarama? Parce que DLTR est moins cher et a un meilleur ROE. Aussi, Dollar Tree est aux USA et je voulais de la consommation aux States parmi mes actions. L'acquisition de Family Dollar me semble également tres prometteuse.

    Pour le langage d'ado, effectivement, ça fait dur à l'occasion mais c'est ma niche. J'écris pas dans ma langue et mon objectif est pas uniquement d'être pertinent. En fait, j'ai partiellement un objectif d'impertinence et ce, depuis le début de ce blog.

  4. Hey,

    I stumbled on this blog. And just want to say keep up the great work. Your posts/rants are funny and very entertaining. Plus the stock ideas and great too! I own some of the companies you mention. Great stuff!

    I shared your blog with the folks over at corner of berkshire forums. So you might be getting some more visitors, which you absolute deserve!'t-fuck-with-donville-blog/

  5. Great post! I have a lot of the same health care holdings. They all went down last week. Some analysts are saying that the health care run is coming to an end. What's your opinion on that? Do you think health care will continue to be the best sector over the next few years?

  6. I don't think it's coming to an end at all. I still believe in the sector. I added to my position of NHC, GUD and initiated a position in Allergan yesterday.

    So yes, I think it will continue to be the best or at least one of the best sectors.

  7. Do you still own all of these stocks? Do you think Valeant is still a buy at today's prices?

  8. No. I've been selling some stocks and buying others.

    Yes, I think that Valeant is still a buy.