lundi 2 novembre 2015

Andrew Left received some death threats or what?

Man, I’m so fucking tired about reading hundred of billion of theories about how Valeant is the worst scandal in the history of capitalism. In fact, I’m not reading all these theories, I just see all these titles on Seekingalpha and, to me, it feels just like when I hear « Hotel California » on the radio : It’s way too much. I can’t take it anymore.

Holy fucking shit, what a domino effect. I don’t recall a single company being hated so much since the big US banks in the 2008-2009 crisis.  

Last week, Valeant’s stock was still down a lot in anticipation of the next attack of Citron that has been released today. I guess a lot of people thought that it would be the fucking coup de grâce. Like if the guillotine was about to fall and take away the small drop of life that was still left in Valeant.

Well, I’ve read the last Citron report and I thought : 

What? Did the guy (Andrew Left) became some pussy or what? Or did someone came to him with a rusted crow bar, saying he’s gonna break his two legs with tetanus as a bonus if he planned to continue his ranting? I can’t believe how a fucking wet firecracker it is. Or should I say WeT FiReCrACKer!!! like we could read on Citron fabulous website.  

But maybe Andrew Left wrote such a boring article just because thousands of lemmings took the relay and pushed the fabulation way further by writing articles with much more sensationalist titles, comparing Valeant to the Titanic, the Challenger, Tchernobyl, the comet that fell on earth 65 million years ago and killed all the dinosaurs or some other fucking tragedy. Maybe the guy knows that the story is now much larger than him and he doesn’t have to be creative anymore.

In fact, he surely knows that he's not as creative as all those assholes who think that Elvis is still alive or that the World Trade Center attack didn’t really happen (because it’s just a David Copperfield trick). Those cocksuckers are able to bring the story to a fucking parallel universe that only people who ever got into a black hole can understand. That’s where we are : surrounded with people that have been in a black hole. Holy motherfucking shit.

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  1. We got the answer today... Sounds like he dropped threat of another juicy report against VRX on the Friday to get another 17% gain from his short position and decided to cover his short and move on to another stock...

    Today the same dude from Citron attacked Mallinkrodt, and got the stock to tank too!

    I have been holding to both VRX and CXR from top to today. I have not added but not sold either. I think the worst is over for those two and shorts will move on to others (as we saw today).

    I am considering trimming CSU for portfolio rebalancing reason and add a few shares of CXR. Will wait to Thursday earning result - but may backfire if stock shoots up then.

  2. Yeah. I saw that a single fucking tweet of him can move Mallinckrodt's shares price down by almost 20%. Man, that guy just farts and the world listens. If he's just a little smart, he'll know how to get billionaire before the end of 2015.