samedi 27 février 2016

The difference between Warren Buffett and me

Today, the annual letter from Berkshire Hathaway is released.  

It's a good read. But I don't really like Warren Buffett. Don't get me wrong: he's made great investments over time and his picks are worth following. But his life seems to have only been devoted to one goal: making money. And not looking for anything else. Not even caring that much for his family.

His diet is pathetic: it's a well-known fact that Buffett drinks Coca-Cola on a daily basis and he says that he never ate fresh fruit or vegetable (saying that with a kind of pride).

It's also known that Buffett never shown interest in other cultures. He never really wanted to visit something outside the USA.

For example, when visiting China and seeing the Great Wall, he didn't look impressed by the monument. Only saying some stupid shit like: "I wish I had a cement company when that wall was built!".

When I read that bit, I thought: "What a motherfucker."

Buffett and I are very different. I suppose that, in his mind, every minute of his life must be used to get richer. By comparison, my life has a lot of dead times. Many moments and activities of my life are totally pointless and serve nothing.

For example, one week ago, a friend and I went to a karaoke, in Charny (probably that nobody reading this blog knows that place). We sang a lot of classic-rock songs and I eventually had to take a piss. So, I went to the restrooms and I saw for the first time of my life a guy snorting coke or speed right besides the sink. The guy wasn't nervous at all and he didn't care about the fact that I was there. So, while he took a card in his wallet then started to cut two lines of some white powder, I stared at him for maybe 30 seconds resulting that I got about 2 meters of paper (because I stared at him while pushing the machine to get paper to dry my hands). I thought he would feel a little bad, seeing me looking at him while getting an unreasonable length of paper. The guy never showed any stress about it. I asked him and his friend if they didn't fear that some police would come in and find them. They didn't look worried about it.

Yesterday, I went back to that karaoke with some other friends. For the occasion, I said to my friends that we would tell everybody that we were from New-Brunswick, only coming to the Quebec city area because we heard about that karaoke bar and we thought that it was worth a 6 hours ride.

Why lying ?

My personal opinion being that reality is boring. We have to create something special when we go out in bars. Otherwise, the event is ordinary. It's like all those boring moments when you're listening to the TV, eating some ham sandwich or worse, dry bread. When you tell people that you're from another province, it forces you to be creative and it makes them happy to be next to some exotic creatures. So, everybody wins when you're lying.

During the night, I saw the friend of the guy who snorted coke. I realized that he worked at the bar. What the fuck? Those employees aren't supposed to protect their business from drug use?

So, I said to my friends: "Hey, that's the friend of the guy who snorted coke on the counter, next to the sink in the restrooms last week! I'm gonna ask him if it's really him!".

Some of my friends looked worried about what I was going to do. Would I get a punch from that guy?

Me: Hey man, you're the guy who snorted coke in the restrooms last week?
Guy: Eeeeeeeee... yeah...
Me: Hey that pub is great. My friends and I love it and we think that a 6 hour ride is not a problem for such a quality place. I'm with some friends from New-Brunswick! Come with me!
Going to the table where my friends were sitting
Me: Hey guys, check it out! That guy snorted coke on the counter of the restrooms last week! Pretty cool isn't it?! It looks like we have the right to snort coke in this bar! Wow, it's so cool. We never found a place where it was allowed in New-Brunswick.
Guy: Well, well... you don't have the right. You can, but it's not legal!
Me: But if an employee does it, everybody could do it!
One of my friends: In my hometown, Edmunston, everybody is doing coke. It's the headquarters of coke snorting in Canada. How much are you selling your coke?
The conversation lasted maybe 20-30 minutes and my friend told a lot of bullshit to that guy who finished the discussion by saying:
Guy: In the beginning, I thought you were telling me some bullshit when you said you were from New-Brunswick but after all you've said, I'm convinced you told the truth.


Warren Buffett would never have done such a thing. Well, while I was doing that, Buffett was probably sleeping with the objective to get up early to read some annual reports.

If he wasn't sleeping, he was probably reading some annual report.

I prefer my life.

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  1. With the new bullshit are you sticking with your investment in Valeant? If yes, are you trading the stock at all? I don't hold a position in VRX, for healthcare I have a 12% position in Allergan, 3% in United Healthcare and 6% in Concordia. No plans on selling or re balancing.

  2. I'm not against his ideas and I admire his "giving pledge" involvement. However, i don't admire his life at all.

  3. Yeah, I still believe in VRX. Buying more just yesterday.