lundi 16 mai 2016

Portfolio review, may 16th 2016

It's my birthday. I'm 37. And there was snow in Quebec city today. Can you imagine that? Snow on may 16th, for my birthday. I'm hating more and more this country as time goes by.

And by now, I'm entering my mid-life crisis.

What will it look like? I don't know. I think I've been in my mid-life crisis since I'm about 10.So I guess it's gonna be the same as for the last 27 years, except that I'm going to have more grey hair and a little belly that's gonna grow year after year.

Are you here to read about weather or existantial crisis?

No? Ok.

The Penetrator Portfolio has had a tough year so far. I'd never thought that the great returns I've achieved in the last 3 years could end so abruptly. But reality is a great teacher. I've learned much more by losing so much money than by making money in the past. And I can see now, with my 37 years of life experience that it's impossible that everything goes well at the same time in your life.

For example, this year, almost everything is going well, except for my portfolio.

Exactly one year ago, my portfolio was doing very well, but my job was almost a nightmare. My boss at the time was on a mission to destroy everybody's self-esteem around him. And on a mission to fire everybody on his way.

So, I prefer my actual position. I'm a little frustrated, but I'm much less anxious than I've been in the past.

Here's the Penetrator Portfolio, on may 16th 2016:

Canadian stocks:
CGI Group: 9,1%
Alimentation Couche-Tard: 8,6%
Constellation Software: 7,8%
Knight Therapeutics: 4,2%
Hardwoods Distribution: 4%
Logistec: 4%
Tucows: 3,8%
Linamar: 3% 
Valeant: 1,7%

US stocks:
Gilead: 8%
Ross Stores: 6%
Allergan: 5,7%
Dollar Tree: 5,4%
Apple: 5,3%
United Therapeutics: 5% 
Polaris: 3,8%
Lithia Motors: 3,6%

CASH: 10,2%

Portfolio ROE: 31
Portfolio forward PE ratio:14

7 commentaires:

  1. I have Gilead and I am bidding on Linamar now. I love your solid lineup on your growth stocks. I want to own all of what you own now just can't find an attractive point to get in since most of them are quite expensive at this time. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Apple, United Therapeutics, Polaris and Lithia Motors are quite cheap right now. I don't see why you should wait a most attractive point.

  3. You are very right. I have been considering between Apple, Polaris and Gilead after selling off Norfolk Southern and Chevron with some capital gain but decided to buy Gilead a couple of days ago. I need more US dollar but it still feels expensive at this point. I feel that I have to wait for a while. I wish I was an active investor when CDN was on par with US during 2010-2012. I was a mutual fund investor back then. :) Thanks for your comments. Just want to let you know that I am glad I found your blog.

  4. just curious why you sold your home capital group? Is your thesis similar to those of that believe real estate is in a bubble?

  5. Not really.

    I sold my shares because I was feeling that the growth of HCG was too low to justify an expansion of the multiple.

    1. simple yet makes alot of sense.

      Just curious about your thoughts on couche tard. I like the theme of consolidator in a fragmented sector with better operating efficiencies but how do you value the company? On a pure net income calculation it is very expensive. Do you use ebitda?

    2. They report in US dollars. The actual price is not that expensive.