mercredi 17 août 2016

To kill a dog

Imagine that: you're driving on a country road with your family. The two kids are sleeping. It's 10:15 PM, it's dark, you're surrounded by fields and large trees besides the road. You're driving in a zone where the speed limit is 90 km/h.

Suddenly, a big labrador retriever jumps out of nowhere to cross the street. The problem is that it jumps on the street about 2 seconds before your arrival in that precise point in space. You push the brakes, but the law of physics and friction can't save that poor dog from being hit by your car.

The 5 next seconds seem to last 10 minutes. Or maybe you feel like you're in another dimension. It's too weird and too sudden to understand what's happening. All you see is the poor dog being bumped and rolling on the side of the road at the same speed as your car. And you hear immediately the cries of agony of the poor animal. The dog is rolling and rolling and rolling besides your car and you hear it's life escaping from it's mouth.

Then, you call the cops. They arrive to meet you and tell you that you can keep quiet because everything you say could be use against you, just like if you've killed a kid while being drunk. Then, you tell them your story and they believe you, seeing your 2 months old daughter. Then, they tell you that the dog is dead. Then, you see your bumper, serioulsy damaged.

Then, you ask yourself: Why did that happen?

Then, you think about Boyd Group.

Because behind each tragedy and each sordid moment, somebody has a reason to smile.

3 commentaires:

  1. Unless you are in vacation in Manitoba or Illinois, it would not be Boyd as they are not in Quebec... yet (maybe one day they can acquire Lebeau Vitre d Auto?)

    I swapped Concordia for Boyd last Friday as both reported... One terrible and one great. Depressing to think that it will take two years of Boyd only to recover the 24% lost on CXR that day.

    BYD is a good consolidator in a very fragmented industry and has a good balance sheet

    1. Yeah, I know that I wouldn't go to a Boyd, but it was my reflex as an investor.

  2. As long as you and your family are ok. I can picture the moment when you thought of Boyd Group right after the accident which makes me smile. I would say part-time occupational hazard.