jeudi 11 août 2016

Writing about something else than investment, for once...

As you probably know, some successful investors are interested by arts. It probably makes them feel sophisticated, looking at some abstract shit in which they can either see some phallic form or a naked children. Some investors are fucking perverts.

I don't like visual arts. Well, at least not this pretentious abstract shit full of lines or splashing colors. Give me a bowl of raisin bran and 2 hours of digestion and I can do better. Sorry for the scato but I really think that visual art can reach new lows every day and some people seem to be pretty interested in these lows.

My real passion in life is rock and roll. I play guitar, bass and a bit of keyboard. Every week, I go to a bar to play with some fellow musicians. We mostly improvise (we often do a variation of Pink Floyd's "Careful with that axe, Eugene") but we also play some classics like "London Calling", "Message in a bottle", "Territorial Pissings" and some others.

I really really like rock and roll and I strongly believe that life wouldn't have any signification without music. I think I'm a good guitarist and an even better bass player. I play a bit like a mix of Sting and Tony Levin. You probably don't know who they are. Don't worry: me neither.

I don't really like sports but I'm a bit like Jason Donville on a certain angle. Did you know that he coached a lacrosse team?

Well, I'm not in the same league and the same sport, but I coach 6-7 years old boys playing soccer. I like it because my son is in my team. But I hate it because I hate some parents. Why?

The game starts at 6:30 PM and many parents arrive with their kids at 6:35, 6:40 or even 6:50.

This evening, for instance, at 6:30, I had 3 players on a team of 9 players. Isn't it a fucking bad way to educate your children, showing them that punctuality isn't important? These parents may say: "Oh, we work, and we eat our supper at light speed and life is so stressful and blah blah blah." OK, you're right, but, if 's too demanding for you to show some respect to the coach and the rest of the team by respecting the schedule, just STAY AWAY FROM SOCCER AND STAY AT YOUR FUCKING HOME AND PLAY POKEMON GO.

One of the boys in my team is so disgusting. He's always eating his boogers on the field. I've said a couple of times : "Hey Charles, stop doing that." He replies "My nose itches. I just scratched it" and he's absolutely not shy to repeat it 5 seconds after I asked him to stop. There he is, eating those fucking boogers in front of maybe 20 parents and 20 players.

This evening, he was the goaler for 3 minutes and while the other team shooted towards him, he was putting his fucking fingers in his nose, looking for some energy snack or I don't know. And his fucking father never says or does anything. FUCK, I HATE THEM BOTH. He ate at least 15 of those green sticky boogers during the evening. That was a fucking nightmare.

So, apart from investing, this is what my life looks like. 

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  1. You are a far better man than I am. I would not be able to tolerate booger eaters and members of the team arriving late. If you're late, Coach Angelo is sending you home. If you're eating boogers, I'm trading you to another team for a box of hockey pucks. Puck it!

    It takes guys like you taking inhuman punishment and humiliation to make society work. PLEASE try harder to civilize the barbarians (and booger eaters) and thank you for your public service (with no compensation).

  2. I'd really like to do the same, but every coach in that soccer league faces the same problem: most of the parents are stupid. So, it's harder to apply measures for the majority than for a minority.

  3. Getting back to the stock market... Concordia Healthcare fell another 39% on Friday. I tried to warn some people. I was very subtle about it. I told one of your readers who put in a comment about buying concordia a few weeks back : CONCORDIA INVESTORS WILL GET SQUASHED LIKE INSECTS.

    Donville is a scumbag for pushing Concordia so hard and then not even mentioning it in his last newsletter (no doubt he quietly sold out and wanted that stock to not affect his record/performance moving forward). Thanks for pushing it so hard (one of your top picks) Mr Jason Doucheville.

    1. Donville was extremely right from January 2014 to September 2015 with Concordia. He was wrong from October 2015 to Present. In his newsletter he describes his fund as being down 9.56% relative to the 9.84% rise in the TSX Comp - the TSX Comp has outperformed his fund by 19.4%. In two posts previously you’ve referenced monkeys throwing darts at gold stocks could have done better and in the newsletter he says gold stocks are up on average 94%. In your post you said he no doubt quietly sold out and wanted that stock to not affect his performance moving forward - in the third paragraph of his newsletter he directly states he took profits in some companies and established or added positions to growth stocks he believes can beat the market in the next 5-7 years.

      Depending on the scope in which one chose to listen to Donville’s recommendation on Concordia or Valeant, I can see why they’d be bitter. His conviction when he went on with Amber Kanwar on BNN (roughly October 22nd, 2015) convinced many to buy Concordia or Valeant. To date, it hasn’t worked out – and they’re not alone as illustrated by the performance of Donville’s fund. It’s not the first time he’s been wrong but this is the most passionate I’ve seen people about the mistake and I think it’s for the same reason people slow down for car wrecks. More drama. But if a person is willing to listen to him, it’s probably because that person has followed him over a number of years and over those years his conviction on companies like Stantec, Paladin Labs, CGI Group, Badger Daylighting, Constellation Software, MTY Food Group and Boyd Group (amongst others) have served many of his followers very, very well.

      I’m in Donville’s corner. I’ll waive the towel on this round with Concordia Healthcare and Valeant. Let him get off the mat and gather himself for the next round. Let’s see what the fella does – I’ve got faith in the dude.

  4. I think this might be his growth strategy to increase the number of clients that require CRH Medical's services.