dimanche 2 octobre 2016

Another pretty good reason to invest on the stock market

Let's say you're a girl and you've found out a boy that you like. Or love. I don't know the difference.
You soon become pregnant and about a year and a half after you first met him, you have a baby.

Then, two months after the birth of the baby, you find shocking messages on the cell phone of your boyfriend to realize that he's been cheating you since the beginning of your pregnancy. You're fucking mad so you go to wake him up around midnight to ask him if he had cheated on you. He's asleep and confused but it's clear that the answer is yes. So you kick him out of your condo (because, at least, it was a condo that you bought before meeting him) to become in a matter of seconds a single mother with a 2 months old baby.

That's why investing is important. Because you'll need money and support from then on. And if you haven't that much money, you'll need your brother and your parents who have put a good chunk of money on the stock market.

That's my sister's story, 48 hours later.

2 commentaires:

  1. It's days like this that you really appreciate the five year graph of Couche Tard and Dollarama.

  2. Oh yeah. Or being really disappointed looking at Valeant's graph.