mardi 20 décembre 2016

Girls with tatoos

You may remember Robin Speziale (the guy who wrote the book "Market Masters"). Maybe you don't remember him. But anyway, here's a story about him and I.

Last weekend, Robin came from Toronto to Montreal. I met him there, in a pub called Ste-Elisabeth.

I didn't know what to expect. Probably a serious guy who tries to look older than he is. But I was wrong, the guy is pretty cool. His approach is respectful, like a good interviewer. However, he has opinions. And many of them look like mine. Man, he'll never write his opinions on his books because they punch. But I was happy to meet the guy behind the book and see who he really is. We talked about many topics: investing, investors, Amber Kanwar, our families, Pink Floyd, Adolf Hitler and girls with tatoos.

At some point during the night, we go to the second floor and we sit besides some strange people. For instance, at my left, there's a cute blonde surrounded by three guys with ugly mustaches. I'm not always very subtle. That night, I'm surely not.

- Do you like blondes, Robin?
- I don't care, I'm open to any kind of hair.
- I think blondes are usually dumber than brown girls.
- Why?
- Take a look at that blonde. How could she be intelligent, sitting besides three douchebags like that?  How could an intelligent person stand three guys with such ugly mustaches? You never noticed that many blondes hang with superficial people or douchebags?

At my right, there's a girl with an arm full of tatoos. The kind of arm where there's little skin left.

- Do you like tatoos Robin?
- Yeah. It's OK for me. And you?
- No, it looks filthy. 

At this moment, the girl besides us decides to cover her arm with a sweater. Robin seems to find that funny and awkward at the same time. Did she heard us? I don't know. She's about 1,5 meters from us, but the music is loud.

Then, there's a waitress and Robin sees a tatoo on her leg. I tell him to ask her what it means. That poor Robin knows very few french words so I tell him what to say. So, when the waitress comes back, he asks her:

"Quelle est la signification de votre tatoo?"

And she answers some shit about a protecting angel. An angel to protect her against what? Against her father maybe.

Robin and I agree that most girls with tatoos carry a lot of baggage (history full of bad experiences). Robin is more polite than me and he may disagree a bit here, but, last year, I had a yoga course with many teachers and most of them were girls with tatoos. I came to realize (via Facebook and via what they said during the class) that many of them seeked some spiritual force because their life had been full of shit. On facebook, I saw that many of them had problems like alcoholism, a violent boyfriend or a father who beated them and/or raped them. Each tatoo is a memory of those difficult moments, like when they lost their virginity at 2 years old.

From that moment, when we saw a girl with a tatoo, we began to think that she was raped by her father.

It was getting boring in that bar. So we went to the "Foufounes électriques" (Electric Butt), probably the most dirty bar in Canada. Man, you should take a look at those fucking restrooms. They look like a dump. Like a fucking place where people go to take heroin. The walls look full of AIDS.

The restrooms of "Les foufounes électriques"
So, we start to play fucking snooker, because we couldn't get the pool table. I ask a girl who passes by about the level of action in the bar and she tells me that she doesn't know the bar. She's there to date a boy via Tinder. She proposes to play snooker with us. I accept, but I tell her that she should join Robin and me in a team against her date, who's gonna play alone against us. She accepts the deal, claps my hand and go to bring back her date.

She comes back with a guy who looks like a total douchebag. The guy clearly just wants to fuck her because he's always touching her, laughing like some retard and he plays snooker like a fucking lame (even worse than me) and he gives her some stupid advices about how to play. 

Robin sees that there's a tatoo on the arm of the guy and tells me to ask him what it means. So, I ask him and he tells me that it's the name of his daughter.

I go back to Robin, telling him: "It's the name of his daughter and he probably raped her".

And soon after that, it was time to say goodbye. 

Psychology is now a more complete science, thanks to us.  

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  1. thanks alot, now i'll always think about this story when i see a girl with a tattoo lol

  2. Any insight into Donvilles issues?

  3. Because of this article I went back and read Market Masters,specifically on Donville.
    I think he is a good person.He fcked up.Happens to them all.
    Will probably happen to you.
    My friend in my business says if you don't fck up you aren't trying hard enough.
    I predict Donville will be back stronger than ever.

  4. Everyone knows he fucked up. His Marketcall Healthcare Special was his Alamo. It's how after fucking up he went on lockdown and left people hanging. He turned on his fans. Locking down the ROE reporter is classless. When shorts attacked Valeant he argued against like the guy represented the average investor, you and I. His market call appearances empowered average joes to buy more than banks, railroads or pipelines. What hurts is how he just dropped us. If it wasn't for Catherine Murrays rocking body I don't know if I would watch BNN anymore. The excitement of PHM, CRH, CSU, etc just isn't there. I signed up to 5iresearch and trust him. I wish I knew a service like 5i for US stocks but for now will stick to IBD.

    Im guessing there are more than a few people who put large positions into his recommendations and contacted him to let him know how fucked they are. Donvilles fund is full so he has no use for BNN anymore.

    1. Donville has no fiduciary responsibility to the bnn viewers or retail investors. If people follow him brainless into these securities and get creamed it's on them. It's unfortunate but it happens. Alot of people followed him brainless into csu and cgi and made out like bandits. It all depends on what you rode him on.

  5. I am a 5i subscriber.Peter was totally wrong on Concordia.
    He kept saying it had value all the way down although he claims he got people out at $12.00.Big Deal.
    I told him I did not trust his "research".
    My message to you:BE CAREFUL.

    1. Yeah, everyone was basically wrong on valeant and concordia. Donville wasn't the only one. BNN market call has alot of "managers" who really sound like they're just making shit up. How can you sit there for an hour and talk about 30 companies like you've done detailed research? The minute call is a joke. Buy, sell, buy, buy. No rationale behind any of it like do you own it, is this a good price, etc. I saw one geezer get asked about a company and he said it's a buy. Then catherine murray asked him what does the company do and he didn't even know! lol I do think barry schwartz is decent though

  6. My compliments! This is some great writing and commentary. LOL
    As a younger man, I recall walking by Eletric Butt (fouf. electriques) in downtown Montreal many times. So, you might observe some punk princess kissing her pet rat or some homeless couple hanging out in front with their pet dog. But you also saw an extremely busy (and dirty) bar that must make a lot of money. I got the sense that the counter-culture had us out-numbered. LOL
    I could never figure out if the clientele was bored kids from the middle class suburbs or genuinely down and out poor people. Either way, I never doubted they had to be a bit messed up and the owner of the bar must be laughing all the way to the bank.
    Did you and Robin exchange ideas on the next great small cap growth stock that will take the world by storm? He has a pretty nice stock portfolio for a young guy (~ 300k portfolio at the time he wrote the book). Did you guys discuss your huge success in Tucows, for example?
    Will Robin be doing a follow-up book with a new list of successful you, for instance. :-)

    1. We didn't talk that much about investment ideas. It was a meeting for fun.

      Robin said to me that he thought about writing a book on human relations. It seems to be hard to make contact with girls in Toronto.

      So, it's been cerebral and a bit crazy at the same time.

    2. So a guy you never met before travels to Montreal to talk about girls and shoot some pool.
      The name Donville never came up and if he wrights another book it will about something he knows nothing about.

    3. We didn't shoot pool. We shoot snooker.

      That post isn't a complete transcript of the evening/night. So yeah, we talked about Donville. But not in a way that was that interesting.