samedi 3 décembre 2016

Simply Wall St

The guy who asked me to write about his website about investment is a guy from Sidney, Australia. Lucky Australia. Instead of a sunset at 3:30 PM like we have in Canada in december, they're heading to summer. And they have Midnight Oil and AC/DC. And they have kangaroos!

Looking at the website, it seems that this guy is not one of the executives of the startup. Whatever.
The name of the website is Simply Wall Street.
Simply Wall Street is very graphic. At first, you can see a big difform green or brown mud which indicates if a stock is more "value", "dividend", "future", "past" or "health". When the color is green, it's because the stock looks more attractive, when it's brown, it's less attractive. 

Just like shit is less attractive than boogers.
Once you've clicked on a stock, almost every metric is there : market cap, competitors, intrinsec value based on future cash flows (not sure I believe in this method), PE, ROE, debt level, estimated growth, recent insiders transactions, insider ownership VS institutions and public, etc . 

You've got an ocean of information in which you can easily drown, if you want.
I haven't made any verification but I assume that datas gathered by the website are OK.
What is good with that website is that you don’t have to check datas on 3-4 different places (like I do every day). On the other hand, there’s too much datas for me on that that website. In my opinion, maybe 25% of what's avalaible on Simply Wall St is important. But too much is better than not enough.

And I think that these forms like a yellow liver or a green placenta are a little dangereous because they don't give you a complete story about the stock. They give you the impression that it's a signal to buy. They're interesting, but take them with a grain of salt like we say in french.
There's not any perfect website about investment. They all have their problems and limitations. In my opinion, Simply Wall St is a good website but I don't know if I need it. I don't know if I'll go back often to it. After 8 years of investing, I have my habits and my method which has been successful so far, if we forget the period in which I lost my mind, investing on some stocks with low or negative ROE recommended by Jason Donville. Never follow anybody like you would have followed Jesus. Anyway, even following Jesus would have make you persecuted.
I recommend you to check the website. I don’t know if you’ll like it or not. I don’t think that an investor with several years of experience will need it, but he’ll find that it’s interesting to gather datas in one place instead of many. And you'll perhaps find an information that you wanted to know but couldn't find elsewhere. Like, for me, the different percentages of owners of a stock (institutions, general public, etc).
Disclosure : I haven’t got any money or any t-shirt to write about that website. Only got a premium access which I still didn’t claim (worth: 58$ on an annual basis).

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  1. Here's a disclosure from somebody else writing about this site:

    Full Disclosure: I have signed up as a user on Simply Wall St and please note the links included in this article are affiliate links. You can still sign up for a free version, and if you choose to upgrade to a paid version, I will earn a small percentage of the sales generated.//

    Never mind free use of the site. You need to renegotiate with these kangaroo lovers. You want AFFILIATE status. Hold out for a small percentage of the sales your site generates their site (using an affiliate link). You already know how to invest. You do not need their site. You need more money. If you send customers their way, they should send money your way.

  2. The guy explained to me that I'd get a 30% discount on subscriptions fees for each new user I'd refer. Under those terms, I'm not too interested to plug an affiliate link.