mardi 4 avril 2017

Celebrate good times, come on!

You may believe that, with these irritating ads on my blog, I'm pretty rich. I could leave my job and make a living with my writing. Being every day in my underwear and write some shit about anything. And SCHLING SCHLING, the cash comes in, day after day.

Well, you're fucking wrong.

Somewhere in march 2016, ads were added on this blog. I've never had any control about these ads. I gave the permission to Google to show any kind of ads.

I don't know what you're viewing at home, but at my home, I often see some crazy dating sites like "voisins solitaires". I don't understand it because I never visit that kind of website. Maybe Google has an algorithm telling that a guy with my habits like watching 70's and 80's music videos on Youtube has the habit of jerking off in front of the computer, watching girls with big boobs licking some popsicle.

Anyway, after about one year with that Google Adsense, I've got 112$ to claim. Which is equivalent to less than 10$ per month. Probably that our beloved governement will claim it's share and that I'll finally have to pay 50 or 60$ in taxes, spending one hour to find where to put that money on my next tax return.

"Better than nothing" you may say. "Right", I may add. It's just the fact that for the last few months, I've had about 10 000 pages viewed each month. I know that many many many many websites do better but it's nonetheless a very high number for an ordinary guy without the Midas Touch.

What I want to say is that with all these visitors, I've only made 112$. Do you realize what it takes to really make money with a website?

That fucking Google may very well be full of money. They take your dollars when you want to do some publicity and they give you cents when you publish publicity.

8 commentaires:

  1. Hey, google is going for a reasonable price. There's more than one way for you to profit. I remember when google had the p/e multiples of tesla, netflix and amazon.

  2. Three points against Google (many points are positive though):
    1-it's a mega-cap
    2-the PE had been much higher in the past but it's still high
    3-the ROE isn't that high

  3. So you'll be taking the annoying ads off your site then?

    1. Oh no, it's a way to measure my greatness. These ads are here to stay mon cher Vicario.

  4. Atta boy. Where else would I go to meet single Asian women in my area😉... although today I see a boating centre add... how do they know I need a boat more than a date with an Asian woman in Vancouver?... my wife would approve... sort of.

  5. Oh btw... I work with Hollis Wealth. Scotia sold us to Industrial Alliance. Deal closes August. There's a good chance I'll be back in the QC for some corporate shit. We'll have to meet up and share some laughs/drinks. I lived in Quebec City for 3 months when I was 16 on exchange... en base ville sur la bord de la riviere St. C. Cheers.

  6. Leave the google ads on. You are my source for Latin Beauties Online.