mercredi 24 mai 2017

Portfolio review (may 24th, 2017)

What about a portfolio review?

Not much activity in the Penerator's portfolio lately. I've got rid of Ceapro, which was anyway a very small position. I've got rid of Gilead too. I'm back with MTY Food Group, probably for good this time. I have a few other stocks on my watch list and I may add one or two very soon.

If that fucking Trump could be destituted, that would give me a great occasion to buy something on a bargain day.

Here's what my portfolio looks like:


Alimentation Couche-Tard: 8,2%
Constellation Software: 6,8%
CGI Group: 6,6%
Tucows: 6%
Linamar: 5,3%
MTY Food Group: 5%
Knight Therapeutics: 3,3%
Stella Jones: 3%
Biosyent: 1,1%


Ross Stores: 5,4%
Bank of the Ozarks: 5,1%
Novo Nordisk: 4,7%
United Therapeutics: 4,4%
LKQ: 4,4%
Biogen: 4%
Mohawk: 3,2%
Lithia Motors: 3,1%
Disney: 2,9%
Dollar Tree: 2,8%
Bioverativ: 0,4%

Cash: 14,4%

Average ROE: 27
Average forward PE: 16
Average Beta: 0,74

3 commentaires:

  1. Do you find yourself growing impatient with Alimentation Couche-Tard and CGI Group? The past 12 months haven't seen the same performance shareholders would have seen in years previously.

  2. No. It shows that their managers think before acting.

  3. Great lineup.

    Here is my top 10 holdings.

    Linamar- 10.4%
    Stella Jones-9.2%
    CGI group-7.8%
    Lassonde industries-7.5%
    Constellation Software-4.7%
    Dollar Tree-4.5%
    Exco Technologies-4.1%

    Out of 10, we co-own 6 companies and I have been closely eyeing on MTY foodgroup lately taking advantage of drop. Although I almost doubled down Lassonde which is just a bit cheaper than MTY food group in terms of cash flow perspective. As long as Stanley Ma is around, MTY foodgroup will be extremely disciplined and focused on adding shareholder values with its massive free cash flows thus deserve to be a permanent pick.

    Most of my top 10 holdings are permanent picks (probably except Linamar and Exco due to them being in cyclical but everything else about Linamar and Exco deserve to be permanent picks).

    I have been looking Biosyent as well.