samedi 3 juin 2017

The pressure of being a superstar

I have climbed, highest mountains, I have run through the fields, but I still haven't found, what I'm looking for.

Oh yeah, after climbing some hill (which was the highest mountain in the area) and running naked in some corn field, I still haven't found why the statistics of my blog are crazy like they have been for some weeks. 

Nobody from Ireland answered me, 2 weeks ago, when I asked why so many people seemed to come from that country. Almost every visitor comes from a direct hit via Google, so it must be a TV host or a radio host that talked about my blog. I don't have a clue and it makes me a bit sad because today, with a good research on the Internet, we usually can find everything. Not this time, though.

Here's how the stats look, for the last week (I've translated the name of some countries in english in case you couldn't do it).

Pages vues
Irlande (Ireland)
Canada (Canada)
États-Unis (United Kingdom)
France (Belgium)
Russie (Rwanda)
Espagne (Estonia)
Hong Kong (China)
Suisse (Sweden)
Inde (Indonesia)
Indonésie (India)

I'd really like to go in Ireland, one of these days. So, feel free to try to become my friend via email and maybe I'll grace you with my visit. We could drink Guiness, kill other tribes and burn entire villages, just like your ancestors did. I'm maybe confused between Irish and Swedish people here. Europeans killed so many people that it's easy to confuse them.

Having known sooner that I could become a star by writing about the stock market on the Internet,  I wouldn't have try to become one by writing and recording songs on my 4 tracks during my teens. I would have started that blog 20 years sooner, which would have made me some kind of pioneer because nobody had a blog back then.

Talking about those songs, I never wrote about them in public. I'm ashamed about most of these songs that I wrote when I was between 17 and 27. They were usually interesting musically but terrible lyrically. That's what happens when you listen to Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel: you try to do the same: writing a kind of message for the society but it ends up like some fucking psycho-pop shit with fake emotions about how war is horrible and how mad you are about a specific girl (great and original topic). If I ever become a politician, you won't have many secrets to reveal about me, but if you put those records out, I'll probably throw myself off a cliff, unable to cope with it.

Well, that's it. I'm a superstar and I don't know why.

4 commentaires:

  1. I think I know why this website gets so many hits from Ireland.
    There is a part of Ireland called Donegal. Here's the tourist promotion website for that region in Ireland:

    It is possible that after your 20th or 24th beer, you do a search and enter donville instead of donegal. I mean DONE GAL ... that sounds a lot less like a city than donville.

    to verify this theory, you must start a blog called:

    Dont fuck with done gal

  2. Etas-Unis is United States, no?

    1. Amazing that so many citizens in Rwanda are following the drunken, investment musings of Quebec.