mercredi 30 août 2017

Robbing a beggar

Have you found ways to make money with Hurricane Harvey?

Not me.

Here's the only way I've found to make money lately. Very little money in an absolute way, but maybe a lot of money in a relative way.

Yesterday, I went out to play some music in a bar where I sometimes go. Between songs, I go out with a friend who smokes and we speak mostly about music in general and the making of "Trout Mask Replica" in particular. That's a completely fucked up album made in 1969 by Captain Beefheart. It sounds mostly like a pile of noises. But many very big music fans rank it as one of the best albums of all time, like my friend.

The recording of the album was crazy. Beefheart forced his band to disguise themselves during the sessions. And they had no money. So they rationed food and they had something like a can of beans each day for all the band. Even if you don't like this music (which is my case), you should read a bit about the story of that recording. You'll get to another dimension.

Anyway, we're talking and laughing about that album and suddenly, a beggar comes to us on his bicycle:

Beggar: Do you have some spare change?
My friend: No
Me: No. You, do you have spare change? Because I need it too.
Beggar: I only have 25 cents.
Me: Ok, I'm gonna take it.
Beggar: Ok, here it is.

And the guy actually gave me his quarter.

And he goes to see other people outside the bar to ask them for money.

That's the craziest money I ever earned.

Much more memorable than 10 000$ mare on the stock market.

6 commentaires:

  1. With people losing their homes, makers of recreational vehicles (THO) and makers of building materials for recreational vehicles (PATK) did well. (Up about 5 to 8% on the week). It must have been a rough week for beggars.

    1. I remember your Patrick pick on january. Good for you if it did well.

  2. I actually researched beefheart. Yeah.. I am really into any music...

    He is a legend... Crazy Psycho but genius. Words can't describe his intelligence. Similar feelings after listening to Chopin's Nocturne op.9 No.2...

    1. Many people say he was a genius. I'm still at the "weirdo" level though.

  3. And that Beggar story is quite interesting... I saw similar experiments in youtube and I gotta give it to you that you actually did it for yourself. You are supposed to give him back $1,000, give him a bath and book him a hotel for a month after taking his quarter.