jeudi 5 octobre 2017

If you had follow Jason Donville so far...

Nobody hears from Jason Donville anymore. Why? Because Donville Kent bites the dust since the last 3 years. More precisely, the returns have been 4% in 2015, -1,7% in 2016 and 0,78% so far in 2017 (source:

Plus, as you can see below, the top picks of Jason Donville have had a very tough time over the last 2 years and a half (source: 

March 7th, 2016:

Concordia Healthcare (CXR.TO): -96%
CGI Group (GIB-A.TO): 15%
MTY Food Group (MTY.TO): 58%
Average return: -8%

December 23rd 2015:

CRH Medical (CRH.TO): -15%
Concordia Healthcare (CXR.TO): -97%
Freehold Royalties (FRU.TO): 34%
Average return: -26%

October 19th, 2015:

Concordia Healthcare (CXR.TO): -96%
Nobilis Health (HLTH-A.TO): -51%
Valeant (VRX.TO): -91%
Average return: -79%

August 25th 2015:

CRH Medical (CRH.TO): -18%
MTY Food Group (MTY.TO): 51%
Valeant (VRX.TO): -94%
Average return: -20%

June 30th 2015:

CRH Medical (CRH.TO): -31%
Constellation Software (CSU.TO): 41%
Tucows (TCX): 110%
Average return: 40%

Last time he did good (not great, but good) was this time. Since then, it's been terrible. We've lost our messiah.

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  1. The guy should take cue of Elvis's 68 Comeback Special, return to TV and recommend Shopify. He's 0-2 against Citron.

  2. As soon as Lefty at Citron Research announced he was releasing a hit piece on Shopify, I just sold all my shares of SHOP. Thanks for the cheese SHOP but I'm going back to companies that actually earn money ALREADY. Citron has taken some big beatings as well like when they went after online furniture retailer Wayfair and advanced driver assistance software maker Mobileye that was bought out by Intel for a premium. They are often wrong...but I don't need the drama. It's not returns that matter to me. It's risk adjusted returns. Hit pieces by prominent short sharks bring extra risk. I wish SHOP well, but I'm out. I wonder if Donville bought SHOP and if he's still holding on.

    1. I'm holding my shares in SHOP. I have no doubt long term it will do well, short term I have no idea and I have not had much luck moving in and out of a stock against volatility so I'm just holding.

      RioCan just announced they are consolidating their assets to few major Cities, specifically the GTA. I think they too see the writing on the wall and the future of online shopping. I am acting like an owner of the business instead of a short-term spectator. This company has so much long-term potential I'm emotionally OK with riding out the highs and lows on this guy.

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  4. There are no messiahs. I think it is better to empower yourself and take responsibility for your own actions when investing. The market will keep you humble. I have learned this the hard way.

  5. Jason is a good person and I think a very good investor who made some picks that didn't work out. If Bill Miller can make a comeback (check out RH) Donville will surely rise from the ashes as well!

  6. Every January he used to post his top five stocks for that upcoming year in his ROE Newsletter. Anyone know what his top five were for this year?

  7. Jason's compound ROR since 2008 has been over 20%... note the very strategic start date/year. His top holdings are the usual suspects: CSU, CRH, TC, OTEX, ECI, GIB, ATD, DOL, TOY etc...
    He's had a rough go no doubt but I still respect his selection process and he's got good people working with him.
    BTW... very interesting action on ATD.b today. I would've expected it to trade down given the price Metro sold at... but the opposite has occurred AND on heavy volume. I suspect this sucker may start doing something after languishing for the better part of 2 years. Good luck to us.