mardi 21 novembre 2017

A return on baggers

Here's a post with a strange background. That's what happens when you write something in Word.

I don’t know if English-speaking people have seen this, but for French-speaking people, you can often see people on Facebook that have written “Université de la vie” (University of life) in the education section of their profile.
“Université de la vie” means that you’re a drop-out. You’ve been to high school and that’s all. After that, you’ve had some crappy jobs, without any responsabilities. But, in your opinion, you have a wide experience of life.
Experience is a very wide term and, if you want, you can associate your longevity to experience, even if your life has been empty and boring. So, using “Université de la vie” is a fucking great thing to write to impress people because these four words can punch. However, those who want to see further will realize quickly that this University doesn’t apply quota rules for recruiting.
OK, now, I don’t know what this expression means, but let’s cut the crap and talk about baggers.
If you put your experience at work, you’ll be able to enjoy some baggers in your life. Sadly, that delicious taste quickly fades, just like the first time you enjoy a fix of heroin. For both cases, you’ll need more and more of it to be satisfied, as time goes by.
I can count 11 baggers which I own or owned.
Among them, there’s Alimentation Couche-Tard, CGI Group, MTY Food Group, Constellation Software, Ross Stores and Dollar Tree (my permanent stocks). They were great 10 years ago and they’re still great. Most of them have been pricey for years. But they delivered what was expected.  
I’ve had a few other baggers with stocks with a little less mythic track record: Tucows, Biosyent, Paladin Labs, United Therapeutics and Questcor (now Mallinkrodt). They have all been baggers for me. And if I’d kept others like Mastercard, Apple and Boyd Group, I would have had some other great baggers. Actually, if I had kept Boyd Group, I’d almost have a 10 baggers (bought at 10,50$ sold around 14,50$ and now about 92$). Fuck me.
In the pharma space, l’ve had temporary baggers: Valeant, Concordia and Cipher Pharma. Sadly for me, well, traumatically for me, they didn’t retain their value at all and it vanished very quickly, leaving me mad forever. Sometimes I realize that my portfolio would probably be something like 25% higher without these mistakes and it hurts me. I don’t see anything sader to lose than money. Because money can buy everything.
You just lost your parents? Then buy some others and stop crying, you stupid asshole. You have lung cancer? Just buy some other fucking lungs on Amazon and stop bleeding while coughing, you dirty dying piece of shit.
All of these 11 baggers are still going well, except maybe for United Therapeutics and Mallinkrodt which are not going bad, but it’s sometimes complicated with healthcare stocks. 

So, with that sample, I’d be tempted to tell you “You may reduce your position but never sell a bagger with an excellent track record”.

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  1. Skill testing question: Can you find an internet stock that has a better performance than Amazon over one year and five years and ten years?

    Tucows is one of them. I'm guessing the list is short.

  2. I added to my holdings in Tucows. Looking forward to angelo dallas's top 5 picks for 2018.

  3. Tucows investors are looking forward to Monday November 27 when the city of Burlington, Vermont announces who gets to control internet services in that town. It will be Tucows' TING internet division or a local group called Keep Burlington Telecom Local.
    You can have my top five picks right now. They won't change by Jan.
    Tucows and Savaria on the Canadian side.
    Arista Networks, National Beverage and Supernus Pharmaceuticals on the American side.
    I'm looking for companies with little or no debt, preferably cash rich, with a high return on equity, who are growing earnings and have plenty of room to keep growing for a very long time.

  4. I will be adding Arista Networks to my portfolio. Have a look at Novanta NOVT. It's been a solid performer for me.

    1. Thanks for the intro. to Novanta. I will look into it. It certainly has the type of five year graph that I love and the kind of EPS trend that I like.