mardi 30 janvier 2018

how long?

One of my best friends from the last years of high school died about 3 weeks ago.

We weren’t friends anymore. Actually we didn’t see each other for the last 20 years.

So, I didn’t cry. But isn’t it ironic that many rock stars of the 70’s who snorted coke every day and fucked millions of people after their shows are still alive while that 38 years old guy died naturally from a problem with his heart? Isn’t it hilarious?

That’s how fucking funny life is.

We spent the last 20 years in total indifference for each other but I’ll always remember that we threw some stinking bomb in the school and we managed to not get caught.

And when we went walking in the school after lunch, he would ask me to stay close to the restrooms while he would take a crap for 10 minutes.

Which, I did. As a good dog.

I now realize how a good friend I’ve been for him. Nobody never did that for me.

5 commentaires:

  1. Did you just write a blog about how you used to hang around men's washrooms smelling another guy's crap for ten minutes each day during your lunch hour?
    I'm guessing it is that level of honesty and detachment from ego that makes you such an extraordinary investor. Some things you can teach us (for example, let us take note of how much the biggest companies in the world are growing their revenues and profits). Some things cannot be taught.

    1. I did not smell his crap. I stayed out of the restrooms and I remember managing to find a window with a view on my friend taking his crap. It was a great moment.

  2. Are you guys starting to sweat the price action in the stock market lately? When you get great earnings and even better earnings ahead with tax cuts coming and the market still heads down...then your guard better be up. The Federal Reserve wants three or more interest rate increases this year.

  3. Prices can do anything in the short-term, it's just noise both ways. If an increase in rates from zero to normal based on an improving global economy and business-friendly US, India and Chinese governments is anything but a positive for businesses longer term, please share your thinking.

  4. Hard to argue with what Edutrader said. If you focus on good businesses and buy them at a discount to what they are worth and hold them for long periods of time, you should be okay...