samedi 17 février 2018

The power of the balloon (part 2)

You're probably not here to read that kind of post. You may even find these posts juvenile but in my opinion, these events are the most interesting things in life: special occasions created by an imaginative spirit.


Yesterday night, I was out with my friend. And I brought some balloons (regular balloons this time) with us, with the intention of tighten them around us during the night to create some fascination about us by customers of the bars we would go. We would say that it's our birthday. Or we would say something else, with the inspiration of the moment.

So, here we are, in a little dirty karaoke of Quebec City. In that bar, there's some dirty frequent customers who smell tobacco and some beautiful girls. A strange mix.

Only a few minutes after our arrival, for the first time of my life, a gay guy tries to kiss me, because I'm pretending it's my birthday. It's a matter of nanoseconds before he really tries to hug me and kiss me.

Not so much later, a guy with greasy hair bursts one of my balloons, thinking it would be funny. I say severly:

"Hey, that's my balloon and it's my birthday".

Dirty guy: "Oh sorry, I'm gonna buy you a drink. But not any kind of drink. A cognac".

I hate cognac, but à cheval donné, on ne regarde pas la bride, comme on dit en français.

Later, I go to the restrooms to take a piss. A really drunk guy is there with one of his friends, both taking a long piss. The drunk guy stares at me  and he looks like he'd like to make fun of me. But I soon realize he's probably too drunk to be able to laugh at somebody. He seems to think I'm from another country (many people say I look like a German). So, he asks me in english where I'm from and I answer him in english the name of my very french city in the suburb of Quebec City.

He understands the joke, starts to laugh and says that he's gonna buy me a beer.

Do you realize that, at this point, my balloons brought me an almost hug-kiss, a cognac and a beer?  That's a great return on investment for such cheap Dollarama ballons. I defy you to do better with a 15 cents investment. In a relative way, you'll probably never achieve such a high return on your investment in such a short period of time.

Meanwhile, my friend started to kiss with a lot of passion a Toronto girl named Summer. Their tongue spend a lot of time together that night, in a mouth or another.

Around 2 AM, I bring back my friend and his one night love affair to his parent's home (because he still lives with his parents). On the way to his house, I put my "Reckless" CD. And I selected "Summer of  '69", thus trying to unconsciously condition them for a very special night.

Nothing of that would have happened without these 6 balloons.

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