samedi 11 août 2018

A few words on Jason Donville

Once in a while, I write "Jason Donville" on Google and I look for a sign of life.

Because I still think about him and many of his picks, such as Concordia Healthcare, Delphi Energy, Cipher Pharma, Patient Home Monitoring, CRH Medical, Badger Daylighting. And time has shown us that these stocks couldn't perform with a little broadcasted pushing. I often ask myself how the Donville Kent fund would have performed if Jason didn't appear on TV up until 2015.

Today, I've found something bad about Donville Kent. Here's the link about a possible fraud.

Shit, that's sad. I don't think he's officially guilty but it raises some questions.

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  1. Here's a little more colour to the story courtesy of a website called:

    Personally, I think society needs to get much tougher on financial criminals and con artists that swindle the life savings of people. That said, maybe the Donville fund is completely innocent. IF I steal money from my clients and simply place some of it to be invested with a legit money manager in another country...he might be completely innocent.

  2. I have found SEC document where the case is explained in details:

    36. Murakami, Chiat, and MC2 Canada entered into an arrangement with Donville Kent, a Canadian asset management firm, whereby Donville Kent managed the Canadian Fund’s investments. The Canadian Fund’s PPM described its objective as “to mimic the investment strategy and investments of the Donville Kent Asset Management Inc. Capital Ideas Fund,” which it further described as having the objective to “exceed the annual returns of the S&P 500 or another index whose return mirrors the S&P,” using a value-investing strategy.

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