vendredi 9 novembre 2018

On the throne

Robin Speziale has written a new book. It's called "Capital Compounders" with a long subtitle: "How to beat the market and make money investing in growth stocks". 

Your life is limited. You have only a few decades left to live now (if you read this blog, you're probably in your 30's or more, so, probably something between 2 to 5 decades to live). That's not so long. And perhaps you currently have a cancer that's not been discovered yet (which is something that I have in mind most of the time), so bad surprises are just around the corner. And if it's not a cancer, maybe your girlfriend will leave you. Or you'll lose your job. Or your kids will need special help because they will have special needs. You'll surely fall into one of these categories sooner or later. And it's gonna occupy your mind full time.

That's why you have to be interested about your finances right now, when you're in a situation where you're not too distracted about other problems. But first, you have to know as much as you can about the stock market to do the right moves. And you have to invest that 1000$ you've managed to save during last month. Because when you'll be 60 years old, it will be too late. 

So, you have to read about the stock market even if it's boring as fuck. Incredibly boring. Yeah, You'd rather be back from work, lay down on the couch, drink a beer and watch that fucking drama crap "This is Us" on Netflix with that fucking enormous 400 pounds girl.But it won't get you anywhere. They're all fictional characters. But the weight of that girl is not fictional.

So, you should read the new book by Robin. And invest your money following his advices. Because you'll float when you'll be liberated from financial preoccupations.

We all float down here.

The book is good and interesting. It features a lot of advices from Robin which should be read. There's also some articles written by great bloggers like Penetrator and Be Smart Rich...

So, you should read that book. However, for me, the masterpiece of Robin will always be Market Masters, because there's an incredible load of work behind that book and tons of interviews with the greatest investors from Canada and some others not so good from some other countries (Bill Ackman). I recommend that book first and foremost. Then, the new book would be a great addition, after that one. 

Anyway, both books deserve to be on your throne. 

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  1. I have questions that keep me up at night. I have Robin's first book in both e-book and hard copy versions. I also have the previous capital compounders e-book which was under 100 pages. I guess you know what I'm about to ask now.
    In which one of my 17 bathrooms should I keep my new hard copy of the expanded Capital Compounders? Would you suggest that I buy a copy for each one of my 17 bathrooms? A man never knows which bathroom will be closest at any given time. When you gotta go, you gotta go.
    I'm sure you agree that time on the throne should be productive. I hate people that aren't productive when they are taking a crap. I'm sure you share my sentiments. You seem like a driven go-getter to me.

  2. A real man has his usual bathroom where he spends most of his time. At my home, there’s only two bathrooms (I’m poorer than you) and the one in the basement is mine. I’m the only one who’s allowed to take a crap there. So, all my books are there. For all the other restrooms in the world, I have my IPhone.

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