jeudi 1 novembre 2018

Coming to Toronto

When I was young, I read in one of my school’s book that Toronto was the most cosmopolitan city in the world. It was full of people from everywhere. It was so different from where I come from, which is a small city in the suburbs where everyone is white and everybody speaks french.

With 2 billions people or so, Toronto is an exotic place for me. Full of yellow people who speak Italian and practice sodomy. Everyone knows that cosmopolitan cities have wild sexual practices.

So, I’m a bit excited because it’s official: I will be in Toronto on November 24th. With my special friend Robin Speziale. And you, yellow and black and blue people from Toronto. Because smurfs are surely from Toronto. It’s so cosmopolitan.

Do you want to get drunk with Robin and I? If you’re interested, we invite you at a bar which I don’t know which is called « Fynn’s temple of bar » on 489 King Street west. If it’s a shitty place, feel free to tell it to Robin and make him feel bad because he’s responsible for that choice.

Let’s get there around 8 PM and let’s drink all through the night. Don’t be shy to come alone. I’ll know nobody except for Robin.

You’ll all be impressed by my French accent. I promise you. And if you don’t give a shit about me, you’ll have plenty of other people to talk to.

November 24th
8 PM
Toronto Downtown
You and me
Beers and dance

3 commentaires:

  1. How about a blog entry about your special friend's new book that is going to be released to the masses and available to the world as of November 4th?
    Some of us have already read his CAPITAL COMPOUNDERS mini e-book which is about 75 pages and sells for about one dollar. As of November 4, we can buy CAPITAL COMPOUNDERS the full length book (289 pages).

    p.s. If Robin Speziale is reading this and wants to give you an autographed copy, he can personalize it and humbly make it out to:

    à mon fan adorant m. pénétrateur

    1. I’ve already got my copy. Gonna write about it in a few days.