samedi 19 janvier 2019

Are we really homo sapiens?

Sometimes, I have a moment of great lucidity. I fully realize that humans are way less intelligent than they think. 

Humans believe they have a soul. Many people believe they will live after death. Unable to cope with an ending similar to a TV screen going black, they live their life following some crazy books written by pedophiles and murderers (usually both). And they despise people following another crazy book. 

Not less crazy than that is to realize that nihilism is the path to follow by intelligent people. But how intelligent is it to be a nihilist? How intelligent is it to believe in nothing and contemplate every day the absurdity of everything. Is that really intelligent? 

There's no escape my friends. Whatever we'll do, it won't be that intelligent.

That was the despair intro. Now, let's go to an observation about people on the market. There's gonna be a little bit of despair there too.  

My dear friend whom I've initiated to the market recently called me. He said to me that he sold about 30% of his stocks in december, in the eye of the storm. And now, mid-january, things looked better so he asked me about some new stocks to buy. 

What the fuck? Sell low then buy high? My friend looked perfectly comfortable with that approach. And I consider him as an intelligent guy. The problem is that he keeps on seeing the market as a vague thing where stocks go up and down randomly. I don't think that he understands that the trajectory of a stock is related to it's financial performance (which should be the basis for anyone investing on the market). And he vaguely reproached me to recommend negatively Tesla to him while the stock recently going up something like 10-15%. What the fuck? He knows where I live and what I drive. How could he believe that my opinion about a stock is always linked to it's performance? I should live in a mansion and drive a car way more recent than my 2010 shit if I was always 100% right.   

I didnt't have anything to answer about the Tesla comment. It would have been like arguing about my paranormal skills. 

2 commentaires:

  1. May bless your friend as it is such market participants that enable us to purchase quality companies like V and MA at a discount.

    That said, I wouldn't be quick to judge your friend's decision. In a different universe the market in January 2019 went down another 30% and your friend looked like a genius selling in December. It is only in the long run can we truly judge the intelligence of market participants' decisions. In most cases it is "too early to say."

    Peaks and troughs can only be recognized in the rearview mirror, not in the windshield.

  2. The Penetrator does this every once in awhile, in that in his own way he slips in his own dark world view…I often have to battle this worldview myself as we live in a world where fear is used to maintain the status quo (much easier to control the masses that way)…I therefore offer this morsel of meta-physics…to which I can only add that we are not what we appear to be and what we observe has its roots in ourselves and not something outside of ourselves.

    In the Beginning…

    "In the beginning...," it does not mean a phenomenon happening somewhere back in time, but rather an original state in the sense of "initially." It is only when we have become conscious of how far we have deviated from our actual, original condition that there can be a connection to the past. This is true religion (relegate = turning back).

    Hajo Banzhaf

    In the beginning was the unconditioned awareness of being, and the unconditioned awareness of being became conditioned by imaging itself to be something, and the unconditioned awareness of being became that which it had imagined itself to be; so did creation begin.

    By this law – first conceiving, then becoming that conceived – all things evolve out of No-thing; and without this sequence there is not anything made that is made.

    Before the world was - I AM. When all of time shall cease to be - I AM. I AM the formless awareness of being conceiving myself to be man. By my everlasting law of being I am compelled to be and to express all that I believe myself to be.

    I AM the eternal No-thingness containing within my formless self the capacity to be all things. I AM that in which all my conceptions of myself live and move and have their being, and apart from which they are not.

    I dwell within every conception of myself; from this withinness I ever seek to transcend all conceptions of myself. By the very law of my being I transcend my conceptions of myself, only as I believe myself to be that which does transcend.

    I AM the law of being and beside ME there is no law. I AM that I AM.

    God (thought/consciousness) spoke the Word and brought everything into being out of himself. Everything you perceive is made of the one substance - God. The one substance back of everything is energy and that is God or the "Word".

    The Word is thought or imagination. God imagined the world into being and became that which He conceived. This is the principle on which all creation rests. Since God became man to give man life, man must contain that same creative principle within himself. "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you." We have created our personal world through thought. If you are experiencing lack, limitation, illness, disharmony or any other unwanted condition, you have either consciously or unconsciously brought these conditions into your own experience. The majority of people do not realize that thought, belief, and imagination has created their individual worlds. There is no other cause for the conditions of your life. You may choose to disbelieve this, but whether you believe it or not, all that you behold in the outer world was conceived within your own consciousness prior to your experience of it.

    Your Faith is your Fortune
    Neville Goddard