vendredi 1 mars 2019

Reader's mail

Once in a while, I get some emails from all sorts of people. Usually, these people want my opinion about a specific stock. They're probably insecure about it and they're looking for someone to stand by them, because they probably feel alone.

When I answer to these people, they usually don't reply. Well, most of the times, my answers are laconic because I simply don't understand why they need my opinion. This blog is mostly for entertainment purposes, not for educational purposes (even if there's some not too stupid stuff sometimes).

That's why I'll always stay under the radar and why that probably not any big firm will approach me to offer some 500 000$/year job. I simply swear too much. And I have the bad habit of writing the word CUNT in capital letters in sentences where it doesn't belong at all. That's what happens when english is not your first language. You find it very funny to swear a lot and say nasty things. Did you know that in french, a CUNT is a PLOTTE? Here we go, another nasty sentence which will keep me away 5 more years from a 500 000$ job in a big investment firm.

You know what? I'd like to monetize this blog. OK, there's some ads here and there to monetize it, but that gives me about 100-150$ a year. It doesn't even pay the grocery for one week.

But, even if I have a job with a very, very good income, I'm still dreaming about the wonderful possibility of a job in the investment field. There's some bloggers who achieved to get that opportunity. But I won't. Because I keep on swearing. Again and again.

Anyway, I'd like to make money with my investment knowledges. I'd probably get more satisfaction with 1000$ made with this blog than 100 000$ done with my job. Because that's not a task for me to write stuff here or to analyze some stock.

So, when I received the following email, I was interested:


Mr.  Penetrator,

I am a regular reader of your blog and I really am impressed with your knowledge,guidance and free advise. Though it is difficult for me to sometimes digest your language, The content makes me come back to your site often.

The purpose of my email is do you offer any service to let people know of your stock portfolio and just keep updating the changes to them. Simply put if I would like to know your portfolio and it's continuous updates along with percentage investments, will it be possible for you to share with a fee?

Please let me know.


Hello Malik,

Yes, it would be possible. So, in other words, you'd like to pay a certain amount to know the exact positions in my portfolio?



Yes please.


Monsieur Penetrator
Mon 2019-02-18 6:34 AM

Ok, make me an offer!


Monsieur Penetrator
Mon 2019-02-25 10:02 AM

What is your offer?


Monsieur Penetrator
Fri 2019-03-01 9:51 PM
You've had me. I can't wait anymore. Give me just a few bucks (3 or 4$) and I'll tell you everything. 

Sadly, that guy never replied. It's probably a fake email by some motherfucker who wanted to see if I'd finally give my secret portfolio. As you can see, I'm a real easy whore. If you just ignore me after an obscure offer, you can expect me to drastically lower my price. 

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