samedi 23 mars 2019

The unusual meeting: hiking and investment

I've just booked a trip to Newfoundland in august with my son.

It seems like very few investors come from that province. And it seems like nobody cares about Newfoundland. Actually, you fucking people from Toronto probably didn't even know that there was a province named Newfoundland in Canada.

So, who wants to come with my 9 years-old son and I? August 21st 2019, we'll be at Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, one of the wonder of UNESCO.

If you want to hike that great place with us, just inform me. We could talk about some shit on the Venture stock exchange while taking a look at the scenery. We must be real autists, talking about stocks while taking a look at a breathtaking scene.

2 commentaires:

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