jeudi 30 mai 2019

Your limited options

I'm active on the market for a little more than 10 years and while things went relatively well for me, I still don't like 95% of stocks, of investors, of people writing on forums about fucking penny stocks and crappy companies that don't grow or about companies that grow a lot but don't make any money. 

That investment world is full of hypocrites and crooks. It's a game of appearances. I see it every day. There's a shitload of superinvestors enjoying their visibility a lot for the power or the possibility to fuck gold diggers. You've got wannabe investors trying to get visibility or trying to get closer to other investors to be a real one. You've got hedge fund managers trying to convince us that they're job is useful to retired people while they just fucking snort coke with their money. A lot of nasty motherfuckers are in the investment field. 

I find it intellectually stimulating to read about stocks, but I'm not in love with that. I could very well stop any investing activities if I was really rich. Then, I'd only travel and contemplate the horizon, day after day. 

Money is probably the only aspect of my life where things go pretty well. The rest doesn't necessarily goes wrong, but I wouldn't use the word "good" to describe them. But I don't want to complain, because a lot of people have had a way more difficult time than me while they were in Auschwitz.

I've come to believe that, probably, the only way of living an exciting life would be to live like Alex Delarge in Clockwork Orange. The problem is that it's highly immoral and illegal to live like this. I don't care too much about morality, but for legality it's another thing:  I don't want to experience sodomy in jail. 

But otherwise, if you chose the moral path, what will you get?

You'll get a job that will bore you sooner or later. You'll get bosses you don't like and for whom you've got no respect. You'll get a wife or a husband to whom you'll have nothing to say and many diverging interests as time goes by until there's nothing left between you. You won't even touch your partner eventually. You'll lose your friends, some for reasons, some for no reasons, even if your relation was solid not so long ago. Your kids will get on your nerves every day after work, screaming and crying for no reasons. Your parents will get cancer, suffer and die and you'll feel alone. You'll get health problems of various nature, sometimes light, sometimes heavy. You'll try to understand if 40 years have made you advance or stall. You'll try to understand your place in this fucking world and you won't find an answer. 

You'll fall into depression or you'll realize you have to change the way to play the game. And I really just see the extreme way of Clockwork Orange as an option of living a non-boring life.

It's very important for you to stop being happy today and fully realize what I'm telling you. 

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  1. Ahhh a nice uplifting post for the weekend :)

  2. There is a lot of room for choosing the way we live our life, getting out of the social norms without going to jail. Just examples, someone can choose to have no kid, save & retire (very) early, make fun while not costly activities like dancing, hiking or meet new people, choose to get rid of jealousy and get multiple love and/or sex partners, make new experiences (I discover at least a new possibility every month), etc.

  3. Monsieur Penetrator: Félicitations! Congratulations. You have written a brilliant piece. You checked all the important boxes.

    1. Most stocks are crap investments.
    2. Most money professionals are crooked (to a lesser or greater degree).
    Here is how my favorite seeking alpha contributor describes himself in his bio:
    Bert Hochfeld is a convicted felon. He was convicted in 2012 of misappropriating funds from a hedge fund that he operated. Mr. Hochfeld graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and received an MBA from Harvard. //

    3. jobs get boring
    4. Spouses drift apart
    5. Friends lose touch
    6. your parents will have health problems
    7. you will have health problems.
    8. Life will appear meaningless (or as the great french philosopher Jean Paul Sartre put it: Life is a useless passion).

    I found immense joy in reading your brilliant piece. It's a celebration of how life sucks...and in that celebration I am able to rise above it all for a brief moment and laugh. Merci mon ami.

  4. Check out the movie factotum, we all can relate with Matt Dillon at some point in our uneventful lives.

  5. The Architecture of the Self

    We are hybrid beings, made up of body, mind, and soul. The body and mind are limited to this lifetime while the soul is eternal. The soul has an agenda and is using the body and mind as a way to interface with the physical world to set its agenda.

    When we are born, we are pure soul in the body of new born baby. Over the next 21 years we are programmed to be able to function in the world and in our society. We download programs from our family, school, religious groups, peers and endless media sources; all that programming stands between the soul we really are and the world we live in. By the time we are adults, we are convinced that we are our programming.

    From birth to age three and a half we begin to make the transition from a purely spirit-being to a physical spirit/human hybrid. We learn what is real according to this plane of existence. We learn what to believe in, especially from our parents. We develop beliefs surrounding who we are and what is expected of us. We learn how we should treat others and how we deserve to be treated. These beliefs lay the foundation for everything else that follows and for the rest of our lives.

    From ages three and a half to seven, we learn all about our emotions. Emotions are things that compel us to act. Love and courage as well as things like avarice, avoidance, desire, anger, jealousy, over-indulgence, pride/entitlement are things that are developed within us during this period. We also write many of the emotional programs that are designed to defend the beliefs we established between birth to age three and a half. This is the period where we hold much of the pain and hurt from the circumstances of our youth, along with our joy and wonder.

    From ages seven to fourteen, we learn about feelings. Feelings are different from emotions in that feelings are sensations of the mind, while emotions move us to actions. Feelings are intuited observations. Emotions are enormous behavioural programs that dictate what we do. Feelings are smaller programs that dictate what we sense and feel in certain situations.

    During this phase, we feel “vibes”, along with things like friendliness, warmth, fondness and apprehension. We learn the programs for what we like and don’t like. What we feel is creepy or what we feel is enjoyable. What we learn in this period supports the emotional programming we went through in the previous period (ages three and a half to seven). It defends and reflects the beliefs we hold to be true.

    The final stage of development occurs from ages fourteen to twenty-one. This period is designed to deal with logic. Practicality, priority, sequencing and reason – all get loaded in during this period. It is the topmost level of consciousness and enables us to interface with the world. It is our day to day mind that gets us up in the morning, moves us through our day, and gets us back home at night.

    All of these programs get loaded into us along with the earlier ones we wrote about ourselves based on our beliefs, emotions, and feelings. They are all the rules of our life until they are recognized and changed. After 21 years of loading all of these programs into our thinking, we come to believe that the programming is who we are. But who we really are is a soul having an organic human experience.

    The key to uncovering the soul’s agenda, its purpose in life, is to get underneath all of the programming and indoctrination that we have been inundated with since birth. We have become both a victim of our own conditioning and the machine of the culture we live in. The programming becomes the mask we wear in the world and we come to believe we are the mask.

    Seeing in the Dark,
    Colleen Deatsman and Paul Bowersox

  6. There is nothing like a good psychologist at this point in your life. I tell you, you will feel way much better!

  7. Reindeer you almost read my mind. That is from the book by Charles Bukowski and Factotum was an excellent book of his. Love me some Clockwork Orange. And always love the blog of the Mater Penetrator!!