lundi 22 juillet 2019

Boring is beautiful

About one year ago, on july 30th, 2018, I wrote a masterpiece about NVR, the homebuilding and mortgage company.

At the time, the stock was selling for about 2700 USD a share. A few months later, the stock went as low as 2040$ (in october 2018) for no other reason than an unjustified panic. The stock went back with a lot of vigor and is now at 3525$. 

If you had bought the stock after my writing, you would have got a very interesting 31% return. And if you had bought at the bottom, you would have got a 73% return.

I look like a fucking genius, but I've only been a shareholder for a few months in 2018. I sold my shares, thinking I had found something which looked better but that wasn't better. I made a very slight profit with that short adventure. 

The problem with that stock, even if the Beta coefficient is low, is that it's linked to interest rates and to the general state of economy. The relation is way less important than banking or car companies, but it's related to it anyway. That's something I try to avoid. But it's nevertheless a great company.

Once again, you don't have to look at high-tech stocks or IPO, or the brand new trend. Actually, you better look at that kind of stocks that made profit last year and that will again make profit this year. 

And, once again, the so-called investors who take a look at the price of the shares won't invest there because they'll be afraid of a single share at about 3500$. That's something that should appeal to you.

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