vendredi 12 juillet 2019

Penetrator feels too rich

My portfolio is way ahead of where it should be now. During the last days, it reached a level that I thought it would probably reach in one year or maybe two (without a crisis or a recession).

It makes me think a lot:

1- I could almost stop working now. Not entirely, but I could reduce speed a lot. Get a small job at Costco, work 20 hours a week and let my portfolio work for me. I'm not unhappy enough with my condition to try this, but it could be an option, sooner or later. That's what I've worked for, over the last 11 years, with a lot of discipline. It came sooner than I thought. Maybe some gigantic shit will happen before the end of summer and what I've written here won't be valid anymore. But anyway, I feel that I am a little too young to have the "money" part of my brain so little worried;
2- I never had money problems of my whole life, even if I don't come from a rich family. It looks like it won't happen for the rest of my life;
3- How do I deserve to be so lucky? Karma will get me another way. Will some of the guys I've fired will put a bullet in my head one fine day?
4- How come are we getting more and more alone as years go by? Are money and comfort some consolations?
5- What will I do with all my money? Let it grow, like a fucking blob which gets bigger and bigger?
6- Will I be generous with everybody, even people that I don't know?
7- I live so fucking under my needs, it's crazy. But I can't change that. I don't really care to earn a lot of money but I care a lot about not spending too much. Is that a control issue?
8- What comes with a relative wealth? Trust in yourself? Freedom? Chosing the full big mac meal when you go to McDonald's? Perhaps. But you're not wiser or kinder or more intelligent. You only have the possibility to be fully the kind of person that you are. As bad or great as you are.
9-  I haven't made any major investment mistake for some time now.
10- What's next? Should I try LSD? Do I need a vision of some kind to see something?

Chosing between the two typical investor types (A-Boring wanker who watches pedophelia on the dark web and B- Coke-head guy who has a lot of accounts on Ashley Madison), I'd chose the third-one which was not mentioned: C- The guy who takes LSD and go to the Himalaya.

Has anybody ever tried LSD and did it change something?

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  1. About slowing down and reduce speed. I would rather do a few week day shifts as a waiter at a local craft brewery than hurt my back and work at Costco (although Costco pays well I think). But more realistically, a better option would be, if possible, to resign and work as a part time contractual employee with your former employer and take the assignment you want.

    It came also to the question of how much money to retire. A safe and conservative assumption for full retirement would be to have enough dividend revenue after taxes to cover the annual expenses, without taking money from the capital base. It takes a lot of money to do that, no miler gage, so that is why the part time job would be needed for those who want to retire early, let say around 45

  2. If you own the big cap quality stocks, you have done well. If you own small cap, you're probably taking a beating. If you are mostly in tech, you are probably making money. If you invest in healthcare, you are probably taking a beating.
    People seem to think this market is on fire. The Russell 2000 is not doing well at all. It's a select group of large caps which occupy significant chunks of the major indices which give the impression of a stock market on fire. If the market is up about 20%, isn't that about how much it fell in the last quarter of last year? LOL

  3. I am in this situation, it is great to have the secury cushion to go out of my confort zone and try new experiences, meet new people!

  4. I've been saving all my life... missing out on opportunities to meet girls... I've been thinking of selling everything and having a couple good years of hookers and blow... someone stop me

  5. As we learn from Willie Nelson, Elton John, etc. you can outspend any level of income and assets and shit will happen. So don't get to high on your own supply.

    Live the comfortable life you love but, keep in mind that one day you will lose your mind and be totally demented. Then your trustee will pack you away in an old folks home and you will have no memory of your own name yet you will still need to support your useless body, that will test how good you are at investing.

  6. Get a job at Costco and have them pay you in shares.