mercredi 14 août 2019

Human rights now

China is preparing for a military invasion of Hong Kong. Because Hong Kong wants democracy.

We all know that most investors are heartless. If they can make money somewhere, they’ll go for it. 

For instance, they’ll invest in Alibaba or Tencent or any other chinese company that grows. What may slow them is that, in China, transparence is not a norm. And companies always belong to the state, in a way or another. But no other reason than that is evoked. 

Today, it’s time for many investors to stop thinking about money for a few minutes and start thinking about democracy and human rights.

It’s time to boycott as many chinese products as we can. It’s impossible to boycott everything, but at least, take a look at the origin of goods we buy. And buy something from any other country. Anyway, even if it’s a bit more expensive, it’s gonna last longer or gonna be better for your health or the health of your kids who play with toys full of toxic products made in China. 

China is an horrible country on a political level and it’s our duty to vote against it with our money.

And above all, it's time to see if that blog can have some impact on the economy of a 1.4 billion people country. 

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  1. Hold on chien chaud!

    Let us cover some of the things you wrote:

    "China is preparing for a military invasion of Hong Kong" (this would be like Canada preparing for an invasion of Prince Edward Island). Not exactly an invasion. They are one country now.

    "Because Hong Kong wants democracy." (no. this is about being allowed to send that person from P.E.I. who committed a crime in Alberta or Ontario back there to stand trial for their crimes). Hong Kong people do not want to stand trial in China. (the hong kong government gave in to this demand...but now they have more demands)

    The Chinese are not going to "invade" because people want democracy. It takes thousands of idiots committing crimes, assaulting police officers and bordering on terrorist gangs to make this possible. They shut down the airport the other day. There is a responsibility to maintain law and order. The Chinese are showing great restraint here.

    The Chinese are still in the stone age. Democracy and human rights tends to be possible for rich nations. Not too many backwards nations have a strong history of democracy and human rights.

    Should we boycott China because of how they treat their own people? I do not know. In the last 50 years, China has been one of the most successful economies in history. Hundreds of millions of people went from the stone age to a decent standard of living in china. They are not at our level yet. But they have come a long way. I just love it when somebody goes back into the stone age or judges people still living in the stone age by our current standards and modern values.

    You know, for decades Hong Kong was run by somebody APPOINTED by the British who controlled Hong Kong. Where were all the protests and demands for DEMOCRACY back then? LOL. As soon as China takes over, they started SCREAMING for democracy. The hypocrisy is lost on us.
    Imagine the people of Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland screaming for democracy (now that they have it) and for the last 100 hundred years before that they were controlled by the British who APPOINTED their ruler (a british guy). It's pretty funny for Hong Kong to be complaining now about the lack of democracy. You had white men from Europe appointed to rule you before. LOL

  2. China is much better than India. There is no freedom for a lot or religions living in India and they have forcibly taken control of Kashmir and are killing people over there for no reason. Recently they convicted a person for killing a cow, just because these turds believe the cow is their god and others cannot eat it. India is a bigger fascist country than China

  3. and you talk about human rights. Give me a break and tak a look at other countries around the world

    1. Yeah, let’s compare China to Haiti. Let’s compare China to a sewer. It’s gonna win easily.