jeudi 3 octobre 2019

It's happening again

Are you like me? Every 4-5 years, I go through a cycle at work where I say to myself that some things are too crazy for me. I can't take it anymore. I need to retire. I need to stay at home and practice some hobbies, some sports and travel the world. I need to be an inactive citizen with active hobbies.

I'm currently right in the middle of one of these cycles. I won't tell why, because it's always a bad idea to reveal details on the web. These details would be shocking and funny at once, but I keep them for later.

Anyway, my feeling now is that I really need to own one million dollars as soon as possible.

2 commentaires:

  1. How long have you worked there? I knew people who put 5 year limits on a job before they would find something else. Long enough to make a difference, but not too long where you become complacent and miserable. I went 10 years before making a switch and regret not leaving sooner. Probably should have been a lot more aggressive earlier in my career and switch jobs more. I don't think people are rewarded for loyalty.

  2. I put 1 year limit before finding something else when it doesn't work. Actually, I'm not very faithful to my jobs because I get tired or upset very easily.

    And then, my face can't hide my feelings so I better move.