mardi 24 décembre 2019

The 12 days of Christmas, part 12

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a Christmas eve with people that I loathe!

Loathe is maybe a little bit exaggerated, but I don't really like my cousins anymore. We're not 20 anymore, we are all 35-45 years old adults now and there's only Facebook that links some of us. And we bitch each other. At least, me, I bitch most of them and I wouldn't be surprised if they bitched me too.

I managed to be there until I'm 40 years old, but it may be my last year with them because they really suck. One of my cousin is a fucking big mouth since forever and I hate him since I'm 10 years old or so. I know that he despises me. One of his kids has the face that every teacher hopes not to have in in class in september. My aunts and uncles talk about crappy stuff that people talk about when they're 10 years from death or so.

Holy shit, it's gonna be so boring. How I wish I was alone in my couch for Christmas!

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