mardi 10 décembre 2019

The 12 days of Christmas, part 1

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, a blog post full of fluo pee!

I've been pretty quiet lately. Why?

Because my computer at home is dying. The other day, it took 2 days to start. I realized that it was time for an appropriate investment. Because when essential goods have reached their obsolescence point, it's not an expense to buy something new. It's an investment. 

So, to celebrate the arrival of my new Dell computer, bought during the black friday, I'll write 12 Christmas posts about other things than investment. You may find them stupid and useless, but come on: it's Christmas. Let's forget money and stock market for a few days. 

To initiate this sequence, I'll write a few words about my Crohn's disease. For a few months now, I've been taking pills at breakfast. These pills aren't very funny to digest because I often have a nausea which goes from slight to medium. In other words, I feel like a pregnant woman. My appetite is altered too. I now dislike things I liked before like milk chocolate, apple juice and yogurt. And I'm more tired than before. I feel like I have chemotherapy for something way less dangerous than a cancer. But I listened to "Schindler's List" last weekend. I guess some jews had a more difficult time than me back in the days of the glorious 3rd Reich. 

Anyway, the funny part is that my piss is now fluorescent at least once a day. Yeah. It's a beautiful fluo yellow. Get Crohn's like me, get a brand new piss colour!

3 commentaires:

  1. Sorry you're having health troubles. From the Nov 18 post that PGR got pretty juicy today. Love your blog!


    1. Maybe it can help, i know you dont believe that kinda crap but there is only assholes that dont change their perspective