dimanche 15 décembre 2019

The 12 days of Christmas, part 4

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, an african boy to chat with!

I have to admit that I'm a troll. I really like to say or write weird things to people, just to get a reaction.

Some trolls are evil. I'm not. I'm just a funny troll.

And when I find some stupid people or some african guy trying to steal money by fooling people with the picture of a cute white girl who's poor and lonely but always well dressed, the troll in me emerges and here's how it looks. That conversation comes from my Instagram account:

Me: Hi baby
Her: Hi
Me: Are you single?
Her: Yes, without kids and you?
Me: No, I have a partner and 4 kids, but you are pretty
Her: You live alone or with a family?
Me: Alone, with my family
Her: OK, I see. I love kids

She sends me some pictures of a beautiful girl which is obviously not her. One of these pictures shows her with her grandmother (to be short, these are probably pictures taken from some beautiful girl open account on Facebook).

Me: Your grandmother is gorgeous, that's my kind of chick
Her: OK, but sadly, she's a widow now because she lost her husband
Me: She could come with you and we could rent a room for all the three of us

Here's a philosophical moment shared together:

Her: Tell me, what means love for you?
Me: Love is to do expensive things together like eating sushis and going up in a balloon. It's also listening to classical music while smoking cigarettes
Her: Yes, it's true

To get some money from me, she uses the good old way of telling me that she's a poor and lonely girl and she really needs money to eat or to help her poor grandma who's sick (and now that I've told her that her grandma is my kind of chick, she talks about her a lot):

Her: My close friend helps me and I've told her that I'll reimburse her as soon as possible. That's what I've tried to tell you from the beginning but I'm ashamed about it.
Me: I know what is shame. I have a lot of sexual diseases. It doesn't bother you to be with a man full of sexual diseases?
Her: It doesn't bother me. They say that when a girl is happy with a man, she makes him happy and helps him to be good with himself. You'll see, if we're together, you'll be completely changed.
Me: You're gonna heal me?
Her: It's my way to tell you that I'll never let you down.

Her story is full of bullshit. She tells me that her webcam doesn't work, that she lost her cell phone, that she wants 600 euros… When I tell her, that I'm close to her city in France and I could give her the money directly, she tells me that she's not available. I tell her that I've send 4000 euros to the police office of her city in France and I've send the picture of her and her grandma to the cops to help them to give the money to the right persons, she tells me that she can't go there with her grandma. I'm a bit tired about that bullshit:

Me: I just send 2000 euros to two other instagram girls. They are really cute and really old. Just like I like them.
(A few days later)
Her: How about the 2 girls to whom you send 2000 euros?
Me: They are with me right now. They are very different from how they looked on their picture but they are nice. I thought they were cute french girls, but actually, they are old african women. LOL, they had me!
Her: OK, but they are with you?
Me: Yes, we are currently watching a movie together. It's "Coming to America", a movie with Eddie Murphy. It's a movie about an African that fools people by convincing them he's someone else.

And it goes like that for the last 3 weeks. Probably that I'll get bored sooner or later, but I'm currently enjoying a lot that waste of time.

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