jeudi 23 avril 2020

Chinese stocks *** EDIT ***

Recently, I had a discussion with BeSmartRich, the famous chinese blogger from South Korea.

We talked about Covid-19 and all the shit that came with it.

I said to him that, even if that's gonna be hard, I'll probably change my consumer habits. Like paying more for stuff that doesn't come from China. Or like going less to Dollarama (I don't go there that often but I still could reduce my frequentation).

Because all the fucking shit that happens seems to come from China.

Patent infringement, SARS, COVID-19, companies that are a fraud, governement that we can't trust because they try to grow at our expense (mostly at USA expense, but I think that the chinese despots probably hates all the western countries).

A guy in the comments of my last post asked me about certain China stocks. Here's what I have to say:

If I was a new investor, I'd probably be tempted by some China stocks like Alibaba, or Tencent (or even Naspers, which is a South Africa stock related to China via a major tech investment).

But I've had my share of bad experiences with badly managed north american stocks. I don't see why I should give a chance to the chinese governement which is never far behind anything that happens in China, including chinese stocks, even if they're listed on an american market.

If you want explosive growth, you have many names in North America. I'd go anytime with Shopify or Netflix before any chinese stock, even if these are not two stocks I own. There's enough choice on the american market. And you'll get screwed a few times there anyway, so, don't look at third-world countries because the first-world has enough crooks in it.

At last, there's some regulations to scare them a little.

I'm not a person of conviction about politics or citizen actions. But this time, I really believe that we all must make an effort to reduce our consommation of chinese products and replace them by stuff from ANYWHERE else.

**** Slight edit ****

A few days ago, China said it's death rate was 0,33 per 100 000 inhabitants (for Coronavirus) while the same death rate was 5 per 100 000 in Germany and 11 per 100 000 in the USA. How the fuck can we trust a governement so full of bullshit?

Please, you fuckers who want to trust China, come back here to read this post, once in a while.

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  1. I don't know if we can trust what China says but when they tell their citizens to stay home or they'll hang them by the nuts, they stay home. In Western nations the government says, "please stay home" and the citizens say, "go fuck yourself I do what I want."

    1. That's surely the only advantage of that regime. For all other things, that's a fucking shitty regime full of crap.